How to reach Humla

As there are no roads to Humla, the only possibility is to take a plane. There are two connections:

  • via Nepalgunj
  • via Surkhet

As availibility of flights from Nepalgunj or Surkhet to Simikot depend on good weather conditions, connections are irregular and not scheduled/reliable. It is best to contact a travel agency in Kathmandu to get information about flights.

From Kathmandu you can take a bus to Nepalgunj. There are vans and buses traveling during the day and busses traveling during the night. The journey takes 12 to 15 hours. The night connection is more comfortable, however then it is necessary to spend a day and a night in Nepalgunj as usually flights leave early in the morning. most of the airlines provide ticket in the morning at Nepalgunj airport itself however some of the airlines do issue plane tickets in Kathmandu and elsewhere through travel agencies as an advance.

It is also possible to fly to Nepalgunj and take a connecting flight to Simikot. This is the most comfortable, but also most costly option.

There is another possibility to reach Humla by Surkhet. There are some flights everyday depending on weather, You can go to Surkhet by bus and then catch a flight to Simikot.