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Banner and Team of Mobile Medical Camp 2017 Group photo who have recieved Android samsung Phone One 7 Pro for It Base Education banner of Induction Program Presedent of HEAD Nepal Mr. namgyal Tamang recieving contract paper from deputy country Director Mr. Santosh Sharma Children of HEH and HVH were dincing in group on the occasion of Teej 2074  in HEAD Enable Home in Simkot Humla Nepal Boys toilet after improving accessibility in Kalasilta Primary Boarding School

International Day of Persons with Disabilities (IDPD)

2016 - December 3 (Saturday)

Himalayan Education And Development (Head Nepal) in collaboration with the Women and Children Office Humla and Sahara Samuha Humla celebrated 25th International Day of Persons with Disabilities in district level in Simikot with various activities.

International Day of Persons with Disabilities (IDPD) is an international observance promoted by the United Nations since 1992. This day is observed every year on 3rd December. The day aims to promote an understanding of disability issues and mobilize support for the dignity, rights and well-being of persons with disabilities. It also seeks to increase awareness of gains to be derived from the inclusion of persons with disabilities in every aspect of life.

Around 15% of the world’s population, or one billion people, live with disabilities. People are often unaware of the great number of persons living with disabilities around the world and the challenges they face. The United Nations along with the World Health Organization (WHO) has started a mission to enhance the quality of life for people with disabilities through national, regional and global efforts and to raise awareness about the magnitude and consequences.

In Nepal as well a numbers of actions have been taken from the government and non-governmental sector for the wellbeing of the people with disabilities in Nepal. Similarly in Humla district one of the most remote and undeveloped district of Midwestern Nepal, Head Nepal has been leding the disability moment since 2011 with different activities from education service to lifelyhood and capacity building of the people with disabilities. Today on this special day of the year on the 3rd of December, (Mansir 18) with the international theme “Achieving 17 goals for the future we want” we conducted a radio program in order to convey our message to the public and the community members. From 7.30 to 8 AM this a special talk-show was organized in the Radio Karnali FM in Simikot. In the program Women Development Officer, Dev Kumari Khatri and Chhitup Lama the Executive Director of Head Nepal was invited for the talk and the children from Head Vision Home sang a Dohori song including the issues and voices of the people with disabilities in the song.

Afterwhile we also conducted a rally in the Simikot Market along with the local authorities and development agencies. In the rally the children from the Head Vision Home and Head Enable Home and Sahara Samuha have been participated. We distributed fruits and sweets to the children with disabilities residing at Head Nepal and Sahara Samuha to encourage and motivate the children for a better career. The rally was started from the compound of District Development Ccommittee (DDC) and ended at the Head Enable Home the newly started residential home for the children with physical disabilities. At the end of the rally Head Nepal organized an official grant festive opening )inauguration of the Head Enable Home (HEH) the program was moderated by Mr. Lokraj Shahi, the teacher of Head Vision Home. The chair-person of the program was Dev Kumari Khatri, Women Development Officer from Women and Children Office Humla. Similarly the chief guest of the ceremony was the chief district officer (CDO) Dr. Krishhna B. Ghimire. The Chief guest Dr. GHimire inaugurated the home by discovering the official banner/sign-board of the Head Enable Home. The(HEH) is the second residential home by Head Nepal specially for the children with physical/mobility disabilities. Located at Simikot. In the residential center altogether 20 children have been accomodeted with school educational facilities. Head Nepal has been running the Head Vision Home for the children with visual impairment since 2012.

At the end we would like to mention that Head Nepal is very much committed in overall development of people with disabilities in Humla. But we alone can’t do this for sure! We need all of your collaborative support and help in this mission. As the main theme of the 25th International Disabilities Days “Achieving 17 goals for the future we want”, If we are successful to achieve the 17 goals of (SDG) then we don’t have doubt that anyone in the planet is left behind the mainstream development. Wishing you all for the successful future and successful achievement of 17 goals of SDG!!

HEAD Nepal Family!

Completion of Mobile Medical camp

Banner and Team of Mobile Medical Camp 2017 Bandeging woond in mobile medical camp syanda station The mobile Medical team proceeded to the Limi Valley on 20th of August from Simikot. This medical camp is organized by ADARA Development Nepal and HEAD Nepal in close cooperation with District Health Office Humla. The mobile medical camp started from Jhang village of Limi valley and have all together 7 station. The stations were Jang, Halji, Til, Yari, Muchu, Syanda, and Sarkeghat. Altogether the Medical Camp was held for one and half months including the travel days. It came to the end in Simikot after the completion of 7 days camp in Sarkeghat. The community members from the stations and the people from the villages around have received free health check-up, minor surgery, free medications, and many more medical/health related services. People with disabilities have special priority in receiving health services in the camp.

We thank ADARA Development Nepal and Mr. Anjuk Lama for their kind cooperation and letting us to be a part of this beautiful health project and special thanks goes to Nepal Gives Foundation in Netherland and Mr. Walter Sweening and Nicole Geers for their tireless effort in raising fund and donating for this wonderful project from the part of HEAD Nepal through which we hope to help many rural people to access health service.

Giving steam to child who was sick because of siviour cold Limi Station of Mobile Medical Camp Representative AHW Mr. Bhaktaraj Aidi conducting general health check up in Limi Station of Mobile Medical Camp Removing Teeth in mobile medical camp Giving Sline to the pasent of mobile medical camp Croud of people in Syanda station of Mobile medical Camp

Start of ICT based Education System

On August 27, 2017, HEAD Nepal distributed eight Samsung One 7 pro Smart phone to the student of HEAD Vision Home for study. All smart phone is brand new and each mobile phone has some important android app like Daisy reader has installed and daisy book is also copied inside the device as the class slandered. The Eight mobile set has provided by Adrad Nepal in subsidies rate. The mobile has been handed over to the student with basic guidance of using talkback and daisy reader by special teacher Ram Bdr Air and Chhitup Lama, Project manager and Executive Director of HEAD Nepal. From now on hose eight children who is visually impaired will read their course of study on their mobile Phone. For avoiding misuse of smartphone some rules also been declared. They have to use their smart phone by following some simple rules.

Group photo who have recieved Android samsung Phone One 7 Pro for It Base Education Executive Director Mr. Chhitup Lama Distributing Android Phone Samsung One 7 Pro to the children of HVH for It base education Children are ready to get orientation about how to use android phone with the help of Talk back Accessible application and use it for study ED Mr. Chhitup Lama giving orentation about how to use android phone by using Talk back application and using other daisy format reading software

Celebration of Nepali Festival Teej 2074

On 24th of August (Bhadra 8)HEAD Nepal and its hole Family (Include the children of both HEAD Vision and Enable Home) has celebrate the special festival of Women and Girl “Teej”. On this very special day Children enjoyed dancing in different Nepali Teej Song and have a “dar” as well

Children of HEH and HVH were dincing in group on the occasion of Teej 2074  in HEAD Enable Home in Simkot Humla Nepal Laxmi Shahi of HVH dancing along with her friend on the occasion of Teej 2074 in HEAD Enable Home in Simkot Humla Nepal Executive Director of HEAD Nepal Mr. Chhitup Lama Dancing with Children on the occasion of Teej 2074 Ratnalal Chaulagain of HEAD Enable Home dancing wiht his own style with joy on the occasion of Teej 2074 Lalita, Sapana and Laxmi dancing in group along with other children of HEH and HVH on the occasion of Teej 2074 Single class of Sapana Shahi of HEAD Vision Home on the Occasion of Teej 2074 Shristhi and Sharmila of HEAD Vision Home dancing together on the occasion of Teej 2074

Accessibility improvement program of Kalasilta Primary School

We are pleased to make a Small support to Kalasilta School to improve some accessibility features of the existing toilets. Previously it was quite difficult for children with disabilities because of the stairs. Now We have made pathway and front passage, so it is easier for everyone and very much accessible for children with mobility disabilities. Thank you foundation Nepal Gives for making the financial Contribution. We could not do this without your support. Thanks to the school and the teachers for the coordination.

Boys toilet after improving accessibility in Kalasilta Primary Boarding School Boys toilet before improving Accessibility in Kalasilta Primary School in Simkot Humla girls toilet After improving accessibility in Kalasilta Primary Sxhool in Simkot Humla Nepal Girls toilet before improving accessibility in Kalasilta Primary Boarding School in Simkot Humla Nepal main path of toilet after improving accessibility in Kalasilta Primary School in Simikot Humla Nepal main path of toilet before improving accessibility in Kalasilta Primary School in Simkot Humla Nepal

Induction Program in Simikot Rural municipality level of the Project Children and Hunger

banner of Induction Program Date: 11th August 2017

On August 11, 2017 HEAD Nepal completed the Simkot Rm based induction program of the project “Reducing hunger and improving nutrition amongst children with disabilities and other marginalized children in remote mountain villages of Nepal.”

HEAD Nepal in partnership with Mission East Nepal has just started this project “Reducing hunger and improving nutrition amongst children with disabilities and other marginalized children in remote mountain villages of Nepal” is a Humla base project covering two rural municipalities, Simikot and Chankheli Rural Municipalities, working areas are remote villages, and beneficiaries are marginalized children including children with disabilities. So this is a public concern. This fact link all newly elected local governance and other related organization. So HEAD Nepal organize introductory program amongst Chairperson of Simikot Rm and Chankheli Rm where all the ward chairperson and other related organization which is working with the welfare of children and active in health and nutrition sector of children were invited. The program was conducted under the chairpersonship of Mr. Kamal Budha “HEAD Board committee member” and Mr. Dan Bdr Rawat “DDC Coordinator” was invited as Chief Guest.

Mr. Dan Bdr Rawat reading the banner Executive director of head nepal Mr Chhitup Lama on induction Program Chef Guest Mr. Dan Bdr Rawat inaugurated the program by reading the banner and the formal program was started. The community facilitator of the project Mr. Lokraj Shai welcomed all the guest by giving short speech. After welcoming all Mr. Nirmal Bista “project Coordinator/communication officer” presented a short introductory PowerPoint slide of HEAD Nepal and its project. After short presentation Mr. Chhitup Lama “Founder/executive director of HEAD Nepal” presented brief description of the new project through the PowerPoint Presentation. Mainly the presentation contain the introduction of the project, direct and indirect beneficiaries group which is about direct 900 children and indirect 900 other family member in total 1800, About the donor and financial status of the project, etc.

After the informative presentation of Mr. Chhitup Lama facilitator of the program Ms. Tulasi Budhathoki invited Mr. Purnalal Sapkota “acting Agriculture Development Officer” for his few words. Mr. Sapkota says it is a great project and in some cases the project is quite similar to other government program like Golden Thousand days, so to avoid duplication of the program co-operation is required and he express his word to support this project from his side.

After the short speech of Mr. Sapkota Mr. Bali Rawat “Assistance Chief of Simkot Rm” was invited by the moderator of the program to express a few words about his point of view of this project. He also express positive response and as local governance and as local citizen/business he admitted that he will support HEAD Nepal.

In the program other ward wise chairperson and media person were presented and they also submit their important comment and suggestion that guides the project in easy, cooperative way.

Purnalal Sapkota Acting agriculture officer of Humla Agriculture office speaking on the program. Nirmal Bista communication officer of HEAD Nepal speaking on the induction program After the short discussion of the of the comment and other aspect of the project facilitator of the program requested Mr. Dan Bdr Rawat “Chief Guest of the program and DCC coordinator” for his few words. Mr. Rawat also expresses his positive feedback to this project and wishes for successful complication.

The chairperson of the program Mr. Kama Budha “Founder/member of HEAD Nepal” requested to say a few words about the project and end the program. He thanked all the participant of the program to attend this introductory program and their positive feedback and their time as well. Finally He declared the formally the introductory program has end.

The program was successfully conducted and all the preplanned guest were presented and all of them shows a positive response to this new project. They also raise some suggestion which has a highest value to the project.

Inception Program of Children and Hunger Project

Presedent of HEAD Nepal Mr. namgyal Tamang recieving contract paper from deputy country Director Mr. Santosh Sharma

The inception program of DR002-AEC007, entitled "Children and Hunger: reducing hunger and improving nutrition amongst children with disabilities and other marginalized children in remote mountain villages of Nepal" has started from today, 2nd of August 2017. the project is going to be implemented in Simkot and Chankheli Rural Municipalities in join partnership of HEAD Nepal and Mission East Nepal. The inception program is being held in Mansarowar Hotel and Lodge by Mission East team let by Santosh Sharma, the deputy-country director. the training and orientation are being facilitated by the Mission East staffs, Sajana Shakya, Shyam Chand, and Arati Rayamaji. All in all we hope that the new staffs associated with this project will be equipped with the knowledge, skills and stretigies for successful implementation of the project.

Workshop on Disability inclusion and development in local level

Cdo of Humla Nepal Speaking on workshop Himalayan Education And Development (HEAD Nepal) conducted disability inclusion and development program in local level on 8th July 2017 in Simikot with close coordination with Women and Children Office Humla. In the program, about 50 people were participated, Mr Bhakta Aidi, the Assistant Health Worker was the moderator of the program, First of all He offered seats to all the guests and the participants attending.

Mr Namgyal Tamang, the chairman of HEAD Nepal was the Chairperson of program and Mr. Dhana Prasad Sharma/Paudyal, the Chief District Officer (CDO) was the chief guest. Similarly, Women and Children officer, District Education officer, Newly elected chief of 7 Rural Municipalities of Humla wore participated in this one-day orientation. Similarly the officers from government agencies, NGOs representatives, medias persons, people with disabilities themselves attended the workshop.

The chief guest, Mr. Dhana Prasad Sharma/Paudyal officially opened the program by clicking on the banner and reading out it for the participants. Right after Mrs Ritu Karna (Acting-women and children officer) was requested to have a presentation on disability, categorization and types of disability. She presented the definition of disability, 8 types of disabilities and 4 categories of disability and disability identity card on her presentation. She also mentioned some important phrases/words, and concepts that are often used while working and addressing people with disabilities.

Chhitup Lama presenting Presentation on the workshop In the 2nd part of the orientation program, the Chief guest made a presentation about UNCRPD, the most important document, international bill on rights of people with disabilities. He mentioned that the government of Nepal has already ratified the convention but it has not been well implemented. So it requires a lot of effort and exercise from national to local level in order to realize the rights of people with disabilities. He presented all the 8 principals of the bill and elaborated them in the context of Nepal. At the end he urged the participants; the officers and representatives from government and non-government agencies to extend interventions and services targeting to the persons with disabilities who are the most vulnerable citizens and are discriminated in our community on one way or other. Then Executive Director/Project manager Mr Chhitup Lama did presentation about "Making Environmental Accessibility in Work Place" in any institute/organization. He presented all the specific measures for accessibility in office environment such as accessible Door, desk, tap, table, door-way, toilet, and other. He also presented the status of the accessibility in government and non-government organizations in Simikot. Audience of Workshop on Disability

In between the participants had time to have interaction and discussion about the subject matter presented in the program. At the end all the participants including the representatives from local RM level made a plan to make a disabled friendly/accessible work environment in their respective organizations. Mr. Lama facilitated the participants in filling up the format of action plan. The participants expressed their commitment in the implementation of the action plan they prepared though on the other side it is little challenging and have lack of technical knowledge/skills in this areas. The newly elected Chief of Adanchuli Rural Municipality, Mr. Dala Phadera representing all 7 RMs of Humla had a few words about the program. He said that persons with disabilities require special support services and interventions for which they will be positive and happy to cooperate and coordinate with HEAD Nepal for further planning and intervention. He also committed that now onward they will try to adjust the accessibility features in the newly built infrastructures in local level. At the end of the program Mr. Namgyal Tamang the chairperson shared few words and thanked all the participants and government authorities for their participation and contribution during the workshop.

This is our single step among other thousands in creating a disabled friendly, accessible and inclusive society for all and we look forward for as many supporting hands as possible to complete this mission.

Annual review and Monitoring Program:

Himalayan Education And Development (HEAD Nepal) in partnership with Women and Children Development Office Humla has conducted annual review program of all the projects/activities of the organization and specific monitoring of community base rehabilitation (CBR) program on Friday 16th June 2017 in Simikot, Humla. HEAD Nepal has been running the CBR program since 2013 in Humla district. The CBR programme was best on evidence that HEAD Nepal is working in the overall empowerment and development of person with disability in Humla. The monitoring team mainly consists of the Chief District Officer (CDO) Mr. Dhana Prasad Paudyal/Sharma who is also the Chief of the district CBR Coordination and Monitoring Committee, newly elected chief of Simikot Village Municipality, Mr. Padam Bahadur Lama, representative from District Coordination Committee, district Education Office, district police office, and other local authorities and officers. In this review and monitoring program the media personnels, Mr. Rajan Rawat, the station manager of Radio Kailash, Mr.Navaraj Mahatara, the centeral member of the national federation of journalist and the station manager of Radio Karnali Awaj and other media reporters were present too. Altogether, there were 25 people participated in the program.

observing HEAD Enable Home by Monitorign Team In the beginning, around 3:30 PM the monitoring team let by the CDO, Dhana Prasad Paudyal inspected the 4 different programs, The Head Vision Home (HVH), the Head Enable Home (HEH), the Head Skill Development Center (HSDC), Community Based Reabilitation (CBR) or Disability Information Advisory Services (Help Desk) organized and managed in the center of HEAD Nepal. Firstly they started the observation of the Head Enable Home, the residential educational center for the children with physical disabilities. The entire team viewed the both storage, ground floor and the first floor of the building. all the present guests and authorities were happy about the management and the facilities at the home such as the tidiness, well managed rooms furnished with low-beds as per the need of physically disabled children. The team had a chance to see how we prepare/sew the hostel uniform for all the children at both homes, Head Enable Home and Head Vision Home right at the center itself.

Later on, the team headed to the Head Vision Home which is the first residential educational center established by HEAD Nepal in 2012 for children with visual impairment in order to bring them into mainstream education. The members let by the CDO observed the kitchen/dining hall followed by the inspection of the bedrooms of the children. They have realized that the bedding/room facilities in HVH is much better and well furnished however, the rooms have bunkbeds (double-storage-beds) and the CDO and other members supposed that it can be difficult for blind students to climb up on the second-flored bed. But, Chhitup Lama mentioned that all the beds are designed and made in the same regular way and it doesn't make any different to a blind person once he/she is provided with proper orientation about the room and the facilities. Similarly, the team also observed the sanitary block outside which attracted the visitors as it has very well facility as two solar water hitter system and numbers of water tanks were installed on the roof and the toilet/bathrooms are well equipped with all accessibilities features are maintained properly.

Monitoring team observing HEAD Vision Home of HEAD Nepal Simkot Humla nepal After while, they directly observed the Head Skill Development Center where the special Computer class for students with visual impairment with screen reader software was going on. Mr. Ram Bahadur Air, the special teacher of Head Vision Home provided some information about the special computer skill training. He also showed the guests how a blind person operates/use computer. In the mean time the technical Coordinator of Head Nepal, Mr. Resham Raj Rokaya explained the visitor/observer about the CCTVs installed in the computer lap which magnifies the text for low-vision students. The team had an opportunity to see how the CCTVs work. Mr. Chhitup Lama informed them that the computer training was organized with the financial support from the district coordination committee and the CCTVs are donated by our friends and supporters in coordination of Prof. Bob from Poland.

Mr. Chhitup Lama guided all the visitors and the other staffs of HEAD Nepal supported where necessary. The visitors/monitoring tteam was guided to the Braille library where Braille books, Magazine, children books, story books and Braille books related to tactile graphics were placed in proper order. Chhitup Lama exhibited the team the tactile map of Nepal. He also showed them how a blind students read and write with Slate and Stylus. They viewed the Braille Embosser (Braille Printer) placed in the library.

Afterward, the team visited the Disability Information and Advisory Services (Help Desk) which provides independent information about disability and services available for people with disabilities (PWDs) to PWDs themselves, their family and community members and stakeholders. Ms. Manisa Aidi informed the team about the information and services provided by the Help Desk. The team also observed the Surveillance CC Camera installed in the both homes, but the screen of the cameras is placed in the same room of Help Desk. Chhitup Lama highlighted the significant of the CC Camera that it can keep the intire premises safe and secure and it also prevents possible risk of being the children abused or mistreated. Mr. Lama added that the system has an ability to monitor the entire premises of the both centers and can record upto 500 GBs and we can review the video for the future reference. After the direct visit and monitoring of the activities all the present members are welcomed in the bigger conference hall.

Monitoring team observing HEAD Vision Home of HEAD Nepal Simkot Humla nepal After the direct observation/visit of the programs/activities at the center of HEAD Nepal, a formal review program was held in the seminar hall of the organization. The special teacher of Head Vision Home, Mr. Ram Bahadur Air moderated the program. At the start, Mr. Air offered all the present guests and visitors a seat; the chairperson of the program was assigned to (CDO) as he is the chief of district CBR coordination and monitoring committee. Similarly, the Chief guest of the formal review program was Mr. Padam Bahadur Lama, Newly elected chief of Simikot Village Municipality. Once all the guests/visitors are settled down the program was formally opened by the chairperson, CDOM r. Dhana Prasad Paudel by clicking on the banner file on overhead projecter. The children at Head Vision Home and Head Enable Home welcomed all the present guests by singing a beautiful welcome song with melodious voice and piano.

In the mean time, the Founder/Project Manager of HEAD Nepal, Mr. Chitup Lama did a presentation about the organization and the programs/activities of HEAD Nepal. The presentation was for about 45 minutes long and he presented the organizational profiles, recently conducted projects and the budget of current fiscal year. In another words the presentation was the overall representative form of the organization and its activities. It is assumed that the presentation provides the good inside of HEAD Nepal. After the completion of the presentation, Mr. Lama allow the visitors and present officers/authorities if they have any questions/concerns about the organization and the presentation itself. Relatively there were no so many of questions as the presentation was well informative and detail in nature. The present government officers/authorities and media persons were very satisfied and happy about the works/activities HEAD Nepal is undertaking despite of the fact that there are so many of challenges.

After while the program moderator Mr. Air requested the Chief guest, Mr. Padam Bahadur Lama to have few words. Mr. Lama told “HEAD Nepal is nonprofit organization, benefiting a lot of children with disabilities, it is going well in Humla district and has good reputation, “. He also promised to support HEAD Nepal's activities in the future. At the end of the program, The chairperson (CDO) gave a short speech about how he felt about the projects and activities carried out by HEAD Nepal after monitoring and reviewing them. He expressed that he felt extremely happy for what is going on over here. The CDO, Mr. Paudel added that he got a good impression of the organization. The Chairperson also revealed that he felt regretful of his statement of generalizing HEAD Nepal to other NGOs in Nepal. He realized that HEAD Nepal is much different than other established and running organization. He claimed that its programs and activities are humanitarianly novel and great. With this reason, he expressed his commitment in supporting HEAD Nepal from his side as being a local administrator. Finally he thanked Mr. Chhitup Lama for his vision and effort for HEAD Nepal and all the supporting staffs for this great success and wished all the best for future endeavor!

In the mean time, the district CBR Coordination and Monitoring Committee decided to select three persons with disabilities who applied for the Seed Money in order to initiate a small income generating occupation as HEAD Nepal already collected the application for the seed money donation scheme under CBR program. As there were only three applicants, Chhaya Sunar, Raju Bohora, and Bhairav Shahi (all of them are with disability), the committee made a final decision to provide the financial scheme to the same three applicants to start their small venture.

All in all, we, HEAD Nepal felt really happy abouth organizing the monitoring and review program. The purpose of monitoring and reviewing programme operation annually is to ensure quality to identify organizational and community concerns related to the maintenance improvement and sustainability of the programme. It is utmost importance that the annual review programs reveals How programme were evaluated . What worked, What didn’t and Why, Were the programme efforts successful? In order to improve the current status of service delivery of the organization and understand the view/feedback of the stakeholders such review and monitoring meeting and joint program are organized in regular basis. In the mean time all the participants added their views on the monitoring book and signed on it. In the end all the participants had a refreshment, tea/coffee, Roties and Potatos with spinach. The District Women and Children Development Office provided to all the participants with a small stipend for their time and help. Finally we thank all the participants/visitors for their sincere participation in review and monitoring as well as valuable feedback and suggestion to the organization and our sincere gratitude to Women and Children Development Office Humla for their kind coordination and great support for CBR and other programs.

Seed money distribution to start a small business

Chayan Sunar recieve hen total sum of around 13 Thousand undr CBR Program seed Money Under the project CBR which is jointly ran by HEAD Nepal and Women and children office donated the sum of total Npr 13065 to three persons with disabilities each. The amount was meant to be a seed money to start a small business in their own community to generate some income for themselves and their family. All together three persons, Chhaya Sunar, Raju Bohora and Bhairab Bahadur Shahi were got benefitted out of this scheme. On 16th of June the seed money was distributed to selected persons with disability as mentioned above. At the end of the fiscal year all the persons who got seed money have started a responsive business which they mention on their application. Chhaya Sunar started chicken keeping with 7 hens bought in Simikot, Raju Bohora initiateds flower designing and making and Bhairav Shahi already started a phone repairmen center in Simikot.

Participated on Mobile camp to collect form of disability identity card

Lokraj Shahi Working on Mobile camp for providing various type of government id Card Banner of Mobile Camp HEAD Nepal was participated in integrated mobile camp in the lower VDCS of Humla to collect a form of disability identity card and senior citizenship card. Mr. Lokraj Shahi a teacher of Mobile school participated on that camp from the side of HEAD Nepal and Women and Children Office Humla. The main purpose of the participation was to support the Mobile Camp technically and Mr. Lokraj mainly focus on collecting on disability identity card, provide information of the different services for people with disabilities and encourage children and their parents to admit on the regular school. In total HEAD Nepal was able to collect 155 forms of disability identity card. HEAD Nepal also assist on collecting the form of senior citizenship card as well and have collected 108 forms for senior citizenship.

Computer skill refresher training

Reshamraj Rokaya Teaching computer to the student of computer refresher training in HEAD Nepal, Simkot Humla Nepal The Head Skill Development Center organized 45 days computer skill refresher training in partnership with the District Small Cottage Industry Development Board Humla. The training was started from 1st of Jeshtha 2074, (15 May 2017) and continued for 45 days until the 14th of Asadh 2074, (June 29 2017). As per the requirement/request of the participants we additionally extended some more days so the computer skills refresher training came to the end on Wednesday July 12 2017. Altogether 10 trainees were participated in the training and 2 of them were persons with disabilities. Among them 5 participants were male and 5 were female. We wish all the participants for their better career. The trainees were, Malkosha Rokaya Sarkeghat 6, Sarita Budha Gothi 4, Ashok Mahattara Shreenagar 3, Sankar Rawat Simikot 2, Para Bahadur Budha Shreenagar 3, Binita Budha Gothi 3, Sunita Tamang Shrimastha 8, Lokraj Shahi Dandaphaya , Sakuntala Kumari Shahi Rodikot 5, and Bhaktaraj Aidi Barai 2 Humla. All the trainees were from Humla district itself.

The trainor was Mr. Resham Raj Rokaya the technical coordinator of HEAD Nepal who has long experience of working with computer technology and has been working with Head Skill Development Center for the last 3 years. He has applied the best methods and techniques during the training while conducting the lessons. Group discussion, use of multimedia, presentation through over-head projector, group sharing are the some of the methods he used during the training. The practical aspect of learning skills is given much important than theoretical study.

The course contents he included during the training wer Microsoft Word, Excel, powerpoint, File Explorer, other applications, email/Internet, etc. During the training emphasis was given to English and nepali typing as ther is chances to have a government job as a computer operator in the newly restructured local level.

Certificate distribution of computer refresher Training The training was organized in the same computer lap of the Head Skill development Center where the special computer skill training for the students with visual impairment is being organized. As the students have their computer lessons only in morning and evening, the computer hall is free during the daytime. With this reason, the 45 days refresher training is organized during the daytime. There were all together 7 desktop computer however other three official laptop computers were used for the training as the number of trainees were higher than the number of desktop computer.

As the overall goal of Head Skill Development Center is to see all the people with disabilities in Humla district independent and living lives on their own. We equally focus on vocational and skill building training for adult people with disabilities in order to engage them in income generating activities along with the educational programs for the children lwith disabilities. We try our best to organize as many programs/training as possible in the district. We knock the door of all the possible/potential government/non-governmental and international donor agencies to ask for the support to our projects. We take every small to larger amount of support or any kinds donation as an equal and a great chance/opportunity. In this fiscal year too, we have organized several skill building training in Simikot Humla.

All in all we as Head Nepal is not only always happy but passionate to explore new opportunity of livelihood for the disabled and other socially and economically backward community of Humla district. We have first time introduced special computer skills training for the blind and partially sighted students in Humla; Hand machine based knitting skills training was initiated by Head Nepal; likewise Christel Jewels making and modern webbing skills training are another example of innovative activities by head Nepal in Humla. But it is completely up to our trainees/target group either utilize the skills or leave it just in learning and training. we are finding very difficult in engaging the trainees to the respective business after they are trained. We can give you the skills for fishing, but we cannot provide you the fish itself! You yourself go for fishing after you got the skills to it!

Visit of Walter the chairman of Nepal Gives Foundation and Nicole Board member

Walter and Nicole visiting HEAD Nepal Simkot Humla Nepal Walter the chairman of Nepal Gives Foundation and Nicole Board member visiting HEAD Nepal and its two residential educational center the Head Vision Home and the Head Enable Home located at Simikot. The children at the both homes warmly welcomed Walter and Nicole at the centers with a beautiful welcome-song and dance with self-composed song by the children themselves. Thanks dear Walter and Nicole for coming all the way from Holand and visiting HEAD Nepal and the children. The major objective of the visit was to observe the activities of the organization and also to develop new project on the basis of the urgent need of HEAD Nepal. During the visit Walter and Nicole had a sponcertrekking for 6 days to the near by Raling Gumba and meeting with HEAD Board and other officials and government authorities in Simikot. They also observed the activities/projects conducted by HEAD Nepal in Simikot Humla.

Visit of Kathryn Manderson a Roterian from U.K

Visiter of HEAD Nepal Kathryn Visiting Head Nepal Humla Nepal We are very pleased to have Kathryn Manderson a Roterian from U.K. in order to visit Head Nepal and explore possible support for the HEAD Vision and Head Enable Home the residential educational centers at Simikot for the children with visual impaired and physically disabled through out Humla district. Thank you Kathryn for visiting us and we highly appreciate your wonderful support as an advance!!!

HEAD Family celebrating New year 2074:

Children are Dancing in new year Every year we celebrate Nepali new year on First of Baishak. For HEAD Nepal this is not only New Year, same day this organization was established in 2068 B.S. Officially HEAD Nepal opened and started its work. So every year HEAD Nepal celebrates New Year as well as Anniversary in the same day. This year also HEAD Nepal celebrate New Year with different activities. House mother of HEAD Nepal Pabi Fadera and Nani Hamal Prepare various kind of delicious food such as chiula (Special Nepali food made of a flour by roosted it in hot oil), Chicken, Vegetable of Potato and green leaf. On this festive occasion Dahi Chamal (mix rice and red color in Curd) or Tika has been Prepared and put it in forehead of student by house mother Nani Hamal (housemother). She individually put this red mark (Tika) in all student’s forehead. Students enjoyed verities types of food. The heavy sound was managed to loud the environment. With the popular Nepalese dancing song, students become rocking and dancing. Student enjoyed and dance on loud music all day long from seven in the morning until seven in the evening. The entire student came in to dance floor in front of HEAD Nepal Office. Some student shows their skill and some shows the feeling of joy. On this rocking environment other people from neighbor joint the dance floor. With dancing and enjoying loud music all HEAD family together with other surrounding neighbor welcomed the new year with the expectation of new things, new hope, new possibilities, new opportunities and good things. it open a new empty book which is ready to be written by its various activitie

Drill and class about disater:

drill and class on disaster drill and class on disaster

Mr. Shusil Pandit from NSET is taking class about disaster at HEAD Nepal Humla yesterday. This class is really highly impressive for the children.

Mr. Sushil Pandit from NSET Nepal taking class about Disaster Risk Reduction and Management and Fire Control at this organization for the students with disabilities and the staffs. As people with disabilities are always in high risk of any disasters, such lessons/classes are highly important and benificial. We on behalf of the students and colligues from Head Nepal would like to thank Mr. Sushil for accepting our request and sharing his knowledge and expertise with us!

Installation of CCTVs for Low-vision/partially sighted Students at Head Vision Home:

student using cctv magnifier student using cctv magnifier

We are pleased to inform that in November 2015 we were able to install two sets of Close Circuit Television (CCTVs) in themultifunctional/computer lap of the Head Vision Home in Simikot. The items are bought in Germany with the support from the friends and some organization in Australia in an initiation of Prof. Bob in April 2015 and donated to Head Nepal. The CCTV is an important technical device that helps students with low-vision in an easy access to text books and other reading materials. The CCTV magnifies the text on the screen and the reader will have better recognition of the reading materials with larger size and convenient colors. This is an another big achievement of the Head Vision Home in this fiscal year. On behalf of all the children and the colleagues from Himalayan Education and Development (HEAD Nepal). We would like to express our sincere gratitude and appreciation to Mrs. MalgorzataMoszczynski And Rev. ArturBotur for organizing “The Bridge of Hearts” a special support program last year during the Easter-break in collaboration with Prof. BoguslawMarek (Bob) from Poland in order to support learning materials/educational devices for the students with visual impairments residing and studying at HEAD Vision Home in SimikotHumla Nepal! We are very pleased to receive the two sets of CCTVS, Close Circuit Television, magnifying reading materials for the low-vision students at our center in Simikot. Both the systems are currently installed in the center and the children with low-vision are being benefited for reading the books/magazines.

We entire HEAD Nepal family including the students with visual impairment would like to thank you so much for your wonderful support in organizing this support program!!! And our big thanks goes to Prof. Bob for coordinating and all the organizations and individuals directly and indirectly involved in this beautiful project!!! Our sincere gratitude goes to Polish parishioners from the Divine Mercy Shrine –Polish Catholic Church, Keysborough, Victoria, Australia as well for sponsoring the items! Similarly our heartfelt thanks goes to Mr Krzysztof Bajkowski, The Editor, BUMERANGPolski and all the team for your kind support for the special program! Finally we thank Mr. Himal, our wonderful volunteer based at Kathmandu who tirelessly and patiently helped us to release the items from the custom office which took a long time. Aalso a big thank to Prof. Bob for helping Himal and us in this matter!We are sure that these CCTVs will make a huge different in the study of the low-vision students in SimikotHumla.

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