Our Field Report 2011:

Identification and Need Assessment of Blind and Partially Sighted Children:

As the HEAD Nepal, Himalayan Education and Development is going to start its first venture that is the establishment of the Head Mobile Blind School in the villages of Humla, we started the identification process and need assessment of the blind and partially sighted children for the Head Mobile Blind School officially on 15th of May 2011 in 8 Village Development Committee, (VDCs) which are the initially working-areas of HEAD Nepal in Humla district. They are: Khangalgaun, Syanda, Hepka, Dandaphaya, Simikot, Bargaun, thehey and Chhipra. Each VDC consists of nine wards. Our staffs visited to all villages of these VDCs and identified 21 blind and low vision children and numbers of other disabled people. The following are the reports from all eight VDC respectively.

1. Dandaphaya VDC:

Firstly we started field visit from Dandaphaya VDC on 15th of May to identify the blind and partially sighted children and also to conduct their need assessment. In Dandaphaya VDC, our staffs, Sunam and Anit identified one partially sighted girl. They spent two days visiting 5 villages in the same VDC. In the first day, they could not find any blind child and they shared the same thing to one of the old men in Chauganphaya village. And the old man said: "Due to the consumption of the organic/fresh food and green vegetables locally produced,, there is no blind person in Humla". Anit one of our staffs shares his experience while in the field. Sunam said: "I am very worried about the implementation of the Head Mobile Blind School project". "It is very hard to find beneficiaries, the blind and partially sighted children for our project" expressed his hypothetical opinion since only a single partially sighted child was identified in entire VDC.

2. Simkot VDC:

HEAD Nepal staffs, Mr. Lokraj Shahi and Anit Thapa visited all 9 wards of five villages of Simikot VDCs for two days on 4th and 5th of May 2011. They found 5 blind and partially sighted children and number of other persons with disabilities in the VDC. Our staff received the feedback from the general public that though this VDC is located in the district headquarter, most of persons with disabilities have not received any opportunity and services neither from the government of Nepal nor from other non-governmental organizations. Many people in the villages told them that many organizations collected data of disabled people, but so far they get nothing in return. "We don't know about other organizations and what they have done, but we are clear and transference on what we are doing. If you have any curiosity or question about our project please feel free to ask me or contact to our office" said Mr. Lokraj Shahi. About the same topic, they had a discussion with a village woman in Hildum that she-was not happy in collecting data of persons with disabilities. She also blame on other organization saying that the organizations are misusing the data's and not being transference to the beneficiaries. Certainly, the woman asked to Mr. Lokraj Shahi that what our organization is doing. Then Mr. Lokraj explained about the Head Mobile Blind School for the blind and partially sighted children. Later, the woman said: "lets see, if HEAD Nepal will do somethings in the field of disability" She showed a positive expectation. To continue reading our report, click here

Report prepared in Nepali Language by Lokraj Shahi.

Translated into English by Chhitup Lama.

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