Profiles of Visually Impaired Children:

Head Office Building Children Group Photo with Chhitup

All the children mentioned on this page are with visual impairment enrolled in the year 2014. Total 5 children with visual impairment were admitted in the Head Vision Home this year. They are currently staying at the Head Nepal hostel and successfully integrated in the main stream regular school in Shree Balmandir Secondary School in different grades. Everyday in the morning and evening and on holidays as well, they study and practice both regular study and other so many of extra-curricular activities such as, music, computer training with screen reader software, games, danceing gardening etc. in the hostel. During the day, from 10 A M to 4 P M they attend regular class in the school.

The Children Enrolled in 2014:

1. Bal Krishna Rawal:

Bal Krishna Rawal

Bal Krishna is a 10 year old child from Kalika Village Development Committee which is located to the southern part of Humla 4-5 days walk from the district headquarter, Simikot. He is with severe low-vision. His legs are also imbalanced and problem in mobility as well. He never went to school before. He was admitted in Head Vision Home on 2nd of Baishakh 2071. In the beginning, he never talked to the staffs of Head Vision Home. But later after several days he is getting used to with everyone in the home. His parents are very poor. They hardly take care of their children. Bal Krishna's 13 years old elder sister lives in Simikot and works in her relative's house for her study. She studies in grade 6. Bal Krishna's father is also disabled. He is physically challenged and cannot work for the family at all. In Recentely finished final Exam he obtain good marks and he will be in grade 1 from this Chaitra.

2. Pausara Aidi:

Pausara Aidi

Pausara Aidi is also a 10 years old child from Mimi VDC situated at the southern part of Humla, very far from Simikot. She already went to school in her village but she has problem in reading regular books and also on the blackboard in the classrooms. Due to severe low-vision, Pausara has difficulty in walking and also recognizing even the familiar people. Despite of all these challenges, Pausara is very active in study; very good in reading and writing. Now she started learning Braille reading and writing as well which can help her in the future in case the eye sight gets worse. Pausara has 9 members in her family. Her parents live in Mimi itself. Her parents are farmer. They work hard throughout year but it is very tough to earn the family. In Simikot Pausara has been supported by her uncle. She is very happy to be in Head Vision Home with many friends. After admited in HEAD NEPAL Pausara has amazing progress in all kind of Study. In Recentely finished final exam he ob tain first positin in her class. She will be on grade 4 from thisChaitra.

3. Sarmila Bam:

Sarmila Bam

Sarmila is also with low-vision child. She is 6 years old. She cannot look at anything directly and constantly at the right direction. Sarmila is from Jaira VDC in lower Humla. Before she comes to Head Vision Home, she never went to school. Now she started going to school with her friends in the hostel. Sarmila's friends help her on the way to school and back to the hostel. Her father, Buddhi Bam brought her to Simikot and admitted her in Head Vision Home on 16th of Baishakh 2071. Mr. Buddhi seems to be helpful for the girl even though he cannot afford for good education and enough food. He had 7 children. Sarmila is the fifth one. The parents are completely illiterate/uneducated. They did not know about educating their visually impaired child at all. When Buddhi got to know about Head Vision Home from one of the teachers in their village, he brought Sarmila to Head Nepal. She has high interest in study and eager to learn new things. She psss the final exam and she moves from nursary lebel to Grade 1.

4. Lalita Rokaya:

Lalita Rawat

Lalita is 14 years old child from Durpa village in Kharpunath VDC. She is with severe low vision. She used to go to regular school in her village. Lalita completed grade six at the school in her village. When Lalita was in grade five she realized difficulty to read the text books and walk at night. Her parents took her to district health center and doctor advised her to use glass. But she feels uncomfortable using the glass because her friends at school used to tease her. After her parents enrolled Lalita in Balmandir School in grade 7 in the year 2014, the teachers noticed that she is having problem to see on the white board and even the printed books. Later we registered her at Head Vision Home with the recommendation of class teachers. Now days, though Lalita misses her village and younger brother at home very much, she is learning Braille reading and writing and continuing regular study with the support of Head Vision Home in Simikot.

5. Gita Bumi:

Gita Bumi

Gita Bumi is a low-vision child recently admitted at Head Vision Home in July 2014. She is 12 years old. With her father Amrit Bumi she came to Simikot all the way from her village Bigothi in Shreenagar VDC which lies in the southern part of Humla about 3-4 days walk from Simikot. Gita has all together 7 members in her family, her parents and 5 siblings. She is the only child with visual impairment. Before Gita was enrolled in Head Vision Home, she used to study in a local community school in her village. Her father Amrit Bumi was very worried that she had problems in integrating in the regular class because of her poor eye sight especially at day time. Gita has color/light blindness. She can see quite well at night and in the shade. But it is very tough for her to walk/study during the sun shine or day time. According to her father Gita has been facing the same problem since her birth. Though she is a partially sighted, still she used to assist her parents in house-holds activities back home. Gita is quite smart and active. She is already in grade 6 in Balmandir Secondary School and is building her confident, skills and knowledge in so many of subjects at Head Vision Home along with her friends. She is also making good progress in all kind of educational Activities. She passed grade 6 with good marks.

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