Profiles of Visually Impaired Children:

Head Office Building Children Group Photo with Chhitup

All the children mentioned on this page are with visual impairment enrolled in the year 2013. They are currently staying at the Head Nepal hostel and successfully integrated in the main stream regular school in Shree Balmandir Secondary School in different grades. Everyday in the morning and evening and on holidays as well, they study and practice both regular study and other so many of extra-curricular activities such as, music, computer training with screen reader software, games, danceing gardening etc. in the hostel. During the day, from 10 A M to 4 P M they attend regular class in the school.

The Children enrolled in 2013:

1. Hirakala Shahi:

Hirakala Shahi

Hirakala Shahi is from the village called Dandaphaya about 2 hours walk from Simikot. She is 14 years old. Hirakala studies in grade 4 in Balmandir Secondary School. Though she is also a student in the Head Mobile Blind School in 2011, she is enrolled in the Head Nepal hostel only in 2013. She is a partially sighted. Her eye sight got impaired when she was 10 years old. One day she was playing with her cousin brother, her left eye was injuired with a peace of stick on her brother's hand. With the financial support from different NGOs and government offices, her parents took her to Nepalgunj for the treatment. But with 2 times operation/surgery, it was not cured.

2. Ammar Singh Lama:

Ammar Singh Lama

Ammar Singh Lama is 15 years old boy from Hepka Village Development Committee located at the north side of Simikot. He is from a very low class family. Ammar Singh is also a partially sighted child. His parents could not have treatment of his blindness due to poverty. He just got admitted in Head Nepal hostel in 2013. Currently he studies in grade 7. He is quite smart in study and extra-curricular activities as well. In the beginning, he felt difficult to cope with the friends in the hostel. Very soon, he got familiar with everyone in the center and now he does not have any problem to communicate to everybody. Ammarsingh is a strong boy physically and healthy enough. He often helps in kichen to make firewood.

3. Sures Shahi:

Sures Shahi

Sures Shahi now passed grade 6 and move on to grade 7 from this Chaitra. He is from Syanda VDC Ward no. 1, village called Yangu. He was one of the students in Mobile Blind School in Unit 1. He joined Head Nepal Hostel in 2013. His parents are farmers and farming is the only one source to run the family and educate the childen. There are 8 members in his family including Sures. He is the only one who has eye sight problem in his family. Sures is the third child among four siblings. He is low-vision by birth. Sures never had treatment of his blindness. Now he is participating in every activity in the hostel very actively. He is very good in singing and dancing. He is also doing very good in his regular study. His parents are very supportive to him and very much concerned about his bright future. Sures is one of the most diseplene and ovedient children in the hostel. He is good in his study as well. He also likes singing and playing Madal and piano.

4. Hirajan Shahi:

Hirajan Shahi

Hirajan Shahi is from a village called Yangu in Syanda VDC. He is now passed grade 6 and move on to grade 7 from this Chaitra. Hirajan was also one of the students in Head Mobile Blind School in 2011. He just enrolled in Head Nepal Hostel in 2013. He is a partialy sighted child. Hirajan is 12 years old. Though he is quite good in studies, he feels very uncomfortable being in the hostel with so many of friends. Probably it is because, he never was far from his parents before. He always misses his mother. But his parents encourage their son to be in the center for his further studies. The parents are very motivated to his son's education. Hirajan often runned home from the hostel in the first few months. However slowly he got used to with the friends and the staffs at Head Vision Home in Simikot. These days he is very happy to be here and continue his further study.

5. Kalsara Upadhyaya:

Kalsara Upadhyaya

Kalsara is 11 years old child from a village called Chhipra, situated to the southern part of Simikot about 3 hours walk. She has just passed grade 3 and move to grade 4 from chis Chaitra. Kalsara is a partially sighted child with very low vision. When the Head Mobile Blind School was innitiated throughout the villages of Humla and also in Chhipra, Kalsara is one of the children who got benifited with the program. She belongs to a very high cast, Brahmin family. Kalsara's mother is professionally a farmer. However, her father is a Brahmin prist who often performs different rituals (Puja) throughout the villages in Humla district. However, it cannot run their family at all. The family is very poor. Kalsara's father often visits other villages to collect rice, clothes and other items to sustain their life. Kalsara also got joined to Head Nepal hostel in 2013. Kalsara developed skills on daily living, Braille reading and writing, and even in mobility skill.

6. Chhapalamu Lama:

Chhapalamu Lama

Chhapalamu Lama is 7 years old. She is from one of a very remote village named Dojam in Thehe VDC. Her family belongs to an Ethnic group in Humla. Chhapalamu's parents are farmers though farming only cannot earn the family. Though she was a students in the Head Mobile Blind School in 2011, she is integrated in the main stream regular school only this year. Currently she studies in class 1 along with her other two friends. She is with low-vision. Her left eye is almost totally blind and right eye also has very low-vision. Chhapalamu's mother is very helpful for her upbringing and education. She often supports Chhapalamu with firewood, beens and some vegetables in the hostel.

7. Surdevi Kami:

Surdevi Kami

Surdevi Kami is 10 years old child with very low vision by birth. She has difficulty in seeing especially in sun shine. She feels quite easier at night and on shadow. Though Head Mobile Blind School wanted to serve Surdevi and her two brothers who are also partially sighted, her parents did not joined their children to the unit of the school. After a long try and counceling to the parents now Surdevi and her younger brother, Chandra B. Kami are joined to the center for their education. Surdevi's family belongs to a lower cast family, (Dalit) in Nepali Society. Currently she is studying in grade one with her other friends. Shreedevi now is learning Braille, daily living skills, mobility skills slong with the regular study in community school, Shree Balmandir Secondary School in Simikot.

8. Chandra Bahadur Kami:

Chandra Bahadur Kami

Chandra Bahadur is younger brother of Surdevi. Both of them are living in Head Nepal hostel. Like his sister, Chandra also has the same eye problem; He often misses his way to the school. Chandra studies in class one with his sister. He is 8 years old. Chandra's parents now seem to be changed and positive towards their children's education, after two years close relationship with them. The family belongs to a very low class Dalit family. Most of time, the parents work for other and get somethings for their family. Chandra's father is Sal Bahadur Kami. Sal Bahadur has three children with visual impairment among his all 5 children. His oldest sun Raj Bahadur Kami is also a partially sighted who studies in grade 8 in the local school in his own village.

9. Tulsi Kami:

Tulsi kami

Tulsi kami is a partially sighted boy. He is from the VDC called Lali, the southern part of Humla district. Recently he joined head Nepal from April 2013, He also belongs to a lower caste family (Dalit). He is 15 years old and currently studies in grade six. Previously he was studying in a local public school in Lali itself but he had a lot of problems in his class especially in integrating with the sighted pairs. He cannot see what is written in black board in the classes. We still encourage him to use normal regular print as much as possible, alternatively he is also learning Braille reading and writing in case his eye sight gets worse in the future. Tulsi is good in sports such as volleyball, blind cricket, table tennis etc. As most of people in Humla the main source of income is farming, Tulsi's parents are also farmers and "farming is not sufficient for entire year to run the family," Tulsi's mother says. They don't have additional source of income. His parents are illiterate as well. It makes them a big challenge to any kind of job opportunity.

10. Sristi Shahi:

Sristi Shahi

Sristi Shahi is a little girl with 7 years old. She is also from Lali village Development committee. Sristi's parents joined her to Head Nepal hostel recently in April 2013. Currently she is learning Braille reading and writing, daily living skills, mobility skills etc. in the center. Sristi has very low vision and she feels uncomfortable looking at any objects straightly. She is soon going to admit in the regular school along with her friends in head Nepal. Sristi is a very claver child. When she first came to Head Nepal in Simikot, she curiously ran towards the direction of sound of a helicopter that just landed at Simikot airport. Because it was first time she heard a helicopter flying. Suddenly she happened to fall in the ground and her left leg got wounded. Surprisingly she did not cared it and got up and still wanted to go to the helicopter. Her Aunt stopped her over there.

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