Profiles of Visually Impaired Children

Head Office Building Children Group Photo

All the children mentioned on this page are with visual impairment. The first 10 children were enrolled in the hostel in 2012 and the rest are enrolled in 2013 and 2014. They are currently staying at Head Nepal hostel, Head Vision Home and successfully integrated in the main stream regular school in Shree Balmandir Secondary School in different grades. Everyday in the morning and evening and on holidays as well, they study and practice both regular study and other so many of extra-curricular activities such as, music, computer training with screen reader software, games, danceing gardening etc. in the hostel. During the day, from 10 A M to 4 P M they attend regular class in the school.

The children enrolled in 2012:

1. Chhaya Sunar:

Chhaya Sunar

Chhaya is 17 years old and studies in grade 10 in the local regular school and now she is preparing for SLC. She is partially sighted and night blind. Due to her partial sight Chhaya is not able to read the blackboard even though she sits in the first row. As she has difficulties reading printed textbooks, she can hardly complete her homework. Her teachers are very helpful, but her colleagues don't assist her much. She has few friends at school due to her partial sight; she finds it difficult to study with her sighted peers. Chhaya joined to the Head Mobile Blind School in May 2011. Now she is living in the Head Nepal Hostel. Chhaya is happy to learn Braille. She already knows the Nepali and English alphabet and is able to write short paragraphs and can also read them. She believes that Braille will help her a lot with her future studies and she wants to learn as much as the HEAD Nepal blind school will teach her. Chhaya also learns computer skills with the use of a screen reading software in the Head Blind School. Chhaya has five siblings. Her younger brother is also partially sighted and attends the HEAD Nepal Blind School. Her parents are farmers. They don't want Chhaya to help in their work due to her partial sight. Therefore she sometimes feels uncomfortable just staying at home without helping in the daily work. Chhaya's family belongs to the group of the Dalit (untouchable/lower cast) in Nepali society. Though the situation of the lower cast people is changing, their status in society is still low.

2. Harimaya Upadhya:

Hari Maya Upadhya

Harimaya is 18 years old and studies in grade 11 of Higher secondary school. She is partially sighted, so she is not able to read what is written at the blackboard even though she sits in the first row. She also has big problems to read the small print of textbooks. Teachers are very helpful, but Harimaya doesn't have many friends due to her partial sight. It is hard for her to study together with her sighted peers. Braille will help her a lot to make her studies more easy and effective. Harimaya had never heard about Braille before, but now she is very happy to learn it. She already knows the Nepali and English Braille. It is her dream to visit foreign countries in the future. After school Harimaya wants to become a teacher.

Harimaya has a sister and two brothers. Her father has already passed away, so her mother is the only one responsible for the education of her four children. The family lives from farming which is not effective in the rocky landscape of Humla.

3. Gorasingh Bohora:

Gorasingh Bohora

Gorasingh Bohora is totally blind by birth and was born in a low class family. As the general understanding of the public about people with disabilities is very narrow in Nepalese society, Gorashingh also was not safe from the conservative way of behavioring. He never had chance to go to school. Rather he was just taken as a matter of pity in the community. Nobody could see a better future for the boy. He was just kept at home doing nothing. When the instructor of the Head Mobile Blind School visited the village, he found Gorashingh Bohora and joined him to the unit of the school. Gorashingh made tremendous success/progress after having joined the Head Mobile Blind School. Actually, he had never been to regular school before. Now he can read and write in Braille. He also can walk independently with the help of a white cane that we provided and taught him to use. Now he can independently perform his daily living activities and he can even help his family in house-hold works. Though Gorashingh is totally blind, he can bring water from the public tap using the white cane. In 2012, Head Nepal joined Gorashingh to regular school in grade 3. And now he passed grade 7 and move to grade 8. He has been the best student in the Head Blind School since he has joined the programme. Now the people around Gorashingh can sense his big success and start to believe in his potential.

4. Jaga Bahadur Bohora:

Jaga Bahadur Bohora

Jaga Bahadur Bohora is 15 years old and comes from the Syanda Village Development Committee. Now he passed grade 8 and move to grade 9 in the Balmandir Secondary School in Simikot. Before we set up the hostel, he studied in Syanda itself up to grade 5 despite of the fact that he is partially sighted and has a lot of difficulties in the class and with his friends. He has attended the class in the Head Mobile Blind School for a year and has learned a lot of things such as Braille reading and writing, orientation and mobility skills etc. In 2014 Jaga joined the Head Nepal Hostel in order to continue his studies. Jaga has 5 members in his family and his parents are farmers. He has two siblings, a younger sister and a younger brother. They go to the local school in Syanda.

5. Rahul Lama:

Rahul Lama

Rahul Lama is from a very remote village called Dojam under the Thehe Village Development Committee. He is 13 years old and joined regular school in 2012 in grade 1. He passed grade 1 with very good score. He is the third topper in his class in the final examination. Due to his partial sight, his family did not join him to school before. After Head Nepal launched The Head Mobile Blind School, the instructor encouraged his family to enroll him in regular school. After he joined the Head Mobile Blind School, he has made a big success in reading and writing both in Braille script and regular printings and even in communication skills and self hygiene. Rahul lives in a family with 7 members all together. He is the only child with visual problem in his family. His parents are also farmers. Though farming is the main occupation of the majority of people in Humla, it is neither reliable nor is it enough for the entire year. Since Rahul`s family lives below the poverty line, they find it very challenging to support their children`s education.

6. Sapana Shahi:

Sapana Shahi

Sapana Shahi is 10 year-old child from the neighboring Village Development Committee of Simikot, called Dandaphaya. She is also a partially sighted child. She lost her left eye sight completely due to an injury at the age of 4. Her right eye sight is also getting low. Though she joined the Head Mobile Blind School in May 2011, she could not continue her training because her parents took her to Kathmandu for her treatment. However, she now lives in the Head Blind Hostel and no she move form grade 4 to 5. She has good position in her class. Sapana has 5 members in her family: her parents, a brother and a sister. Her sister is also physically challenged. Sapana's parents are also farmers. Her father often goes trekking with tourists as a porter to make some money for the family. Sapana's parents are very supportive for her.

7. Gaugora Bohora:

Gaugora Bohora

Gaugora is a totally blind girl. She never went to school although she is already 16 years old. Together with her parents and three siblings she lives in a Thehe village of Humla. Usually she used to stay at home without doing anything, therefore she didn't see any hope and perspectives for her future. But now she is very excited and has high expectations to receive an education with HEAD Nepal. "If anyone or any organization provides education to a child like me, they will be a God for me" she says.Now she moves from grade 5 to grade 6 in the regular school. She is very good in singing as well.

8. Subas Sunar:

Subas Sunar

Subas Sunar is the younger brother of Chhaya. He has very low vision and he finds it very difficult to read the regular printed books and even what is written on the blackboard in class. Now he moves from grade 5 to 6 in the Balmandir Secondary School close to the Head Nepal Hostel. He is quite smart to learn. He also likes playing and chatting with his friends in his school and in the hostel. Due to extreme poverty Subas's parents cannot provide him warm clothes and even school uniform. He is always overlooked in his community. Subas is also learning Braille writing and reading along with the printed text books which he finds very difficult to read.

9. Laxmi Shahi:

Laxmi Shahi

Laxmi Shahi is from the village called Panglathum in Dandaphaya Village Development Committee. She is 12 years old. Before we met Laxmi, she did not go to school at all because her brother did not want her to go to school. Instead, he let her work at home, even grazing cattles in the jungle although she only has partial eye sight. She never knew feelings like parental love because when she was two years old, her mother died and two years later, her father passed away as well. Laxmi faced a lot of difficulties in proper feeding, clothing and care from her family. She has two brothers, a sister-in-law and a sister but none of them is supportive of her. She became partially sighted due to very poor hygienic circumstances and lack of proper caring. In 2011 She was a student in the Head Mobile Blind School and in 2012 she joined the Head Nepal Hostel and currently move from grade 4 to 5 with first position in her class in the local school. Laxmi is a very good student. Now she is experiencing what it is like to have an own, home-like environment and proper care in the hostel.

10. Sunam Yanjom Lama:

Suna Yanjom Lama

Suna Yanjom Lama studies in class 10 and preparing for SLC in Balmandir Secondary School in Simikot along with her 40 friends. She is from Hepka Village Development Committee (VDC). Suna Yanjom joined Head Nepal since July 2012. Currently she lives in Head Nepal hostel and continues her further study. She is 16 years old and very good in study and extra-curricular activities as well. Her right eye is completely blind and she also finds difficulty with left eye though it has quite good sight. She feels uncomfortable being with her friends in school and village due to her eye problem. Suna Yanjom therefore had especial classes in counseling and training in self-confident/self-steem along with the regular activities in Head Blind School. As a result, now she is very confident in her studies and other many activities in the hostel. Currently she is the monitor of the general session in the hostel. She takes care and control the kids in the absence of teachers.

The Children enrolled in 2013:

11. Hirakala Shahi:

Hirakala Shahi

Hirakala Shahi is from the village called Dandaphaya about 2 hours walk from Simikot. She is 14 years old. Hirakala studies in grade 4 in Balmandir Secondary School. Though she is also a student in the Head Mobile Blind School in 2011, she is enrolled in the Head Nepal hostel only in 2013. She is a partially sighted. Her eye sight got impaired when she was 10 years old. One day she was playing with her cousin brother, her left eye was injuired with a peace of stick on her brother's hand. With the financial support from different NGOs and government offices, her parents took her to Nepalgunj for the treatment. But with 2 times operation/surgery, it was not cured.

12. Ammar Singh Lama:

Ammar Singh Lama

Ammar Singh Lama is 15 years old boy from Hepka Village Development Committee located at the north side of Simikot. He is from a very low class family. Ammar Singh is also a partially sighted child. His parents could not have treatment of his blindness due to poverty. He just got admitted in Head Nepal hostel in 2013. Currently he studies in grade 8. He is quite smart in study and extra-curricular activities as well. In the beginning, he felt difficult to cope with the friends in the hostel. Very soon, he got familiar with everyone in the center and now he does not have any problem to communicate to everybody. Ammarsingh is a strong boy physically and healthy enough. He often helps in kichen to make firewood.

13. Sures Shahi:

Sures Shahi

Sures Shahi now moves from grade grade 6 to 7. He is from Syanda VDC Ward no. 1, village called Yangu. He was one of the students in Mobile Blind School in Unit 1. He joined Head Nepal Hostel in 2013. His parents are farmers and farming is the only one source to run the family and educate the childen. There are 8 members in his family including Sures. He is the only one who has eye sight problem in his family. Sures is the third child among four siblings. He is low-vision by birth. Sures never had treatment of his blindness. Now he is participating in every activity in the hostel very actively. He is very good in singing and dancing. He is also doing very good in his regular study. His parents are very supportive to him and very much concerned about his bright future. Sures is one of the most diseplene and ovedient children in the hostel. He is good in his study as well. He also likes singing and playing Madal and piano.

14. Hirajan Shahi:

Hirajan Shahi

Hirajan Shahi is from a village called Yangu in Syanda VDC. He now moves from grade 6 to 7. Hirajan was also one of the students in Head Mobile Blind School in 2011. He just enrolled in Head Nepal Hostel in 2013. He is a partialy sighted child. Hirajan is 12 years old. Though he is quite good in studies, he feels very uncomfortable being in the hostel with so many of friends. Probably it is because, he never was far from his parents before. He always misses his mother. But his parents encourage their son to be in the center for his further studies. The parents are very motivated to his son's education. Hirajan often runned home from the hostel in the first few months. However slowly he got used to with the friends and the staffs at Head Vision Home in Simikot. These days he is very happy to be here and continue his further study.

15. Kalsara Upadhyaya:

Kalsara Upadhyaya

Kalsara is 11 years old child from a village called Chhipra, situated to the southern part of Simikot about 3 hours walk. This year she passed grade 3 and move to grade 4. Kalsara is a partially sighted child with very low vision. When the Head Mobile Blind School was innitiated throughout the villages of Humla and also in Chhipra, Kalsara is one of the children who got benifited with the program. She belongs to a very high cast, Brahmin family. Kalsara's mother is professionally a farmer. However, her father is a Brahmin prist who often performs different rituals (Puja) throughout the villages in Humla district. However, it cannot run their family at all. The family is very poor. Kalsara's father often visits other villages to collect rice, clothes and other items to sustain their life. Kalsara also got joined to Head Nepal hostel in 2013. Kalsara developed skills on daily living, Braille reading and writing, and even in mobility skill.

16. Chhapalamu Lama:

Chhapalamu Lama

Chhapalamu Lama is 7 years old. She is from one of a very remote village named Dojam in Thehe VDC. Her family belongs to an Ethnic group in Humla. Chhapalamu's parents are farmers though farming only cannot earn the family. Though she was a students in the Head Mobile Blind School in 2011, she is integrated in the main stream regular school only 2013. Currently she moves from grade 2 to 2 along with her other two friends. She is with low-vision. Her left eye is almost totally blind and right eye also has very low-vision. Chhapalamu's mother is very helpful for her upbringing and education. She often supports Chhapalamu with firewood, beens and some vegetables in the hostel.

17. Surdevi Kami:

Surdevi Kami

Surdevi Kami is 10 years old child with very low vision by birth. She has difficulty in seeing especially in sun shine. She feels quite easier at night and on shadow. Though Head Mobile Blind School wanted to serve Surdevi and her two brothers who are also partially sighted, her parents did not joined their children to the unit of the school. After a long try and counceling to the parents now Surdevi and her younger brother, Chandra B. Kami are joined to the center for their education. Surdevi's family belongs to a lower cast family, (Dalit) in Nepali Society/Currently. She now move rom grade 2 to 3 with her other friends. Shreedevi now is learning Braille, daily living skills, mobility skills slong with the regular study in community school, Shree Balmandir Secondary School in Simikot.

18. Chandra Bahadur Kami:

Chandra Bahadur Kami

Chandra Bahadur is younger brother of Surdevi. Both of them are living in Head Nepal hostel. Like his sister, Chandra also has the same eye problem; He often misses his way to the school. Chandra studies in class one with his sister. He is 8 years old. Chandra's parents now seem to be changed and positive towards their children's education, after two years close relationship with them. The family belongs to a very low class Dalit family. Most of time, the parents work for other and get somethings for their family. Chandra's father is Sal Bahadur Kami. Sal Bahadur has three children with visual impairment among his all 5 children. His oldest sun Raj Bahadur Kami is also a partially sighted who studies in grade 8 in the local school in his own village.

19. Tulsi Kami:

Tulsi kami

Tulsi kami is a partially sighted boy. He is from the VDC called Lali, the southern part of Humla district. Recently he joined head Nepal from April 2013, He also belongs to a lower caste family (Dalit). He is 15 years old and currently studies in grade 7. Previously he was studying in a local public school in Lali itself but he had a lot of problems in his class especially in integrating with the sighted pairs. He cannot see what is written in blackboard in the classes. We still encourage him to use normal regular print as much as possible, alternatively he is also learning Braille reading and writing in case his eye sight gets worse in the future. Tulsi is good in sports such as volleyball, blind cricket, table tennis etc. As most of people in Humla the main source of income is farming, Tulsi's parents are also farmers and "farming is not sufficient for entire year to run the family," Tulsi's mother says. They don't have additional source of income. His parents are illiterate as well. It makes them a big challenge to any kind of job opportunity.

20. Sristi Shahi:

Sristi Shahi

Sristi Shahi is a little girl with 7 years old. She is also from Lali village Development committee. Sristi's parents joined her to Head Nepal hostel in April 2013. Currently she is learning Braille reading and writing, daily living skills, mobility skills etc. in the center. Sristi has very low vision and she feels uncomfortable looking at any objects straightly. She has admit to grade 2 this year and pssed and move to grade 3 in the regular school along with her friends in head Nepal. Sristi is a very claver child. When she first came to Head Nepal in Simikot, she curiously ran towards the direction of sound of a helicopter that just landed at Simikot airport. Because it was first time she heard a helicopter flying. Suddenly she happened to fall in the ground and her left leg got wounded. Surprisingly she did not cared it and got up and still wanted to go to the helicopter. Her Aunt stopped her over there.

The Children Enrolled in 2014:

21. Bal Krishna Rawal:

Bal Krishna Rawal

Bal Krishna is a 10 year old child from Kalika Village Development Committee which is located to the southern part of Humla 4-5 days walk from the district headquarter, Simikot. He is with severe low-vision. His legs are also imbalanced and problem in mobility as well. He never went to school before. He was admitted in Head Vision Home on 2nd of Baishakh 2071. In the beginning, he never talked to the staffs of Head Vision Home. But later after several days he is getting used to with everyone in the home. His parents are very poor. They hardly take care of their children. Bal Krishna's 13 years old elder sister lives in Simikot and works in her relative's house for her study. She studies in grade 6. Bal Krishna's father is also disabled. He is physically challenged and cannot work for the family at all. From Chaitra of this year 2071 he will study in garde 1.

22. Pausara Aidi:

Pausara Aidi

Pausara Aidi is also a 10 years old child from Mimi VDC situated at the southern part of Humla, very far from Simikot. She already went to school in her village but she has problem in reading regular books and also on the blackboard in the classrooms. Due to severe low-vision, Pausara has difficulty in walking and also recognizing even the familiar people. Despite of all these challenges, Pausara is very active in study; very good in reading and writing. Now she started learning Braille reading and writing as well which can help her in the future in case the eye sight gets worse. Pausara has 9 members in her family. Her parents live in Mimi itself. Her parents are farmer. They work hard throughout year but it is very tough to earn the family. In Simikot Pausara has been supported by her uncle. She is very to be in Head Vision Home with many friends. Now she has good inprovement in her study. She has fast progress in Braille reading and writing. In the final examination of this year 2071 she got first position in her class. From Chaitra she will study in class 3.

23. Sarmila Bam:

Sarmila Bam

Sarmila is also with low-vision child. She is 6 years old. She cannot look at anything directly and constantly at the right direction. Sarmila is from Jaira VDC in lower Humla. Before she comes to Head Vision Home, she never went to school. Now she started going to school with her friends in the hostel. Sarmila's friends help her on the way to school and back to the hostel. Her father, Buddhi Bam brought her to Simikot and admitted her in Head Vision Home on 16th of Baishakh 2071. Mr. Buddhi seems to be helpful for the girl even though he cannot afford for good education and enough food. He had 7 children. Sarmila is the fifth one. The parents are completely illiterate/uneducated. They did not know about educating their visually impaired child at all. When Buddhi got to know about Head Vision Home from one of the teachers in their village, he brought Sarmila to Head Nepal. She also has good progress in her Study. She has eager to learn new thing. From the Chaitra she will be in grade 1.

24. Lalita Rokaya:

Lalita Rawat

Lalita is 13 years old child from Durpa village in Kharpunath VDC. She is with severe low vision. She used to go to regular school in her village. Lalita completed grade six at the school in her village. When Lalita was in grade five she realized difficulty to read the text books and walk at night. Her parents took her to district health center and doctor advised her to use glass. But she feels uncomfortable using the glass because her friends at school used to tease her. After her parents enrolled Lalita in Balmandir School in grade 7 in the year 2014, the teachers noticed that she is having problem to see on the white board and even the printed books. Later we registered her at Head Vision Home with the recommendation of class teachers. Now days, though Lalita misses her village and younger brother at home very much, she is learning Braille reading and writing and continuing regular study with the support of Head Vision Home in Simikot.

25. Gita Bumi:

Gita Bumi

Gita Bumi is a low-vision child recently admitted at Head Vision Home in July 2014. She is 12 years old. With her father Amrit Bumi she came to Simikot all the way from her village Bigothi in Shreenagar VDC which lies in the southern part of Humla about 3-4 days walk from Simikot. Gita has all together 7 members in her family, her parents and 5 siblings. She is the only child with visual impairment. Before Gita was enrolled in Head Vision Home, she used to study in a local community school in her village. Her father Amrit Bumi was very worried that she had problems in integrating in the regular class because of her poor eye sight especially at day time. Gita has color/light blindness. She can see quite well at night and in the shade. But it is very tough for her to walk/study during the sun shine or day time. According to her father Gita has been facing the same problem since her birth. Though she is a partially sighted, still she used to assist her parents in house-holds activities back home. Gita is quite smart and active. She is already in grade 7 from this Chaitra

in Balmandir Secondary School and is building her confident, skills and knowledge in so many of subjects at Head Vision Home along with her friends.

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