Our Board members:

HEAD Nepal is being organized and runned by the nominated Board committee with 7 enthusiastic visionaries from Humla district who are really committed, motivated and want to bring about positive social change and believe in the potential capability, ability, creativity, possibility and confidence of people with disabilities.

Mr. Chhitup Lama (President):

Chhitup Lama

Mr. Chhitup Lama is highly committed, motivated and visionary has already worked with several social organizations and later he founded this organization, Himalayan Education And Development (HEAD Nepal). He completed his study facing lots of problem. So he wants to make a easy way for the new generation, Especially to the visually impaired children of Humla and want to cover all over karnali and Nepal.click here to read more about Chhitup Lama

Mr. Sonam Lama (General Secretary):

Sonam B. Lama

Mr. Sonam Lama is currently a university student having his bachelor degree in Sociology/Anthropology and Rural Development under Tribhuwan University. He has a very dynamic personality with good humor and a helpful nature.

Mrs. Tamjikdoma Tamang (Traiseror):

Tamjidoma Tamang

Mrs. Tamang is one of the well established business entrepreneurs in Humla District running her own whole-sell shop at the district headquarter, Simikot. She equally sees the importance of social entrepreneurship to work with the most vulnerable group of society. Therefore, she passionately joined HEAD Nepal.

Mr. Kamal Budha (Member):

Kamal B. Budha

Mr. Kamal Budha is a professionally a photographer and electronical mechanic. He also has already worked with some NGOs in Humla. Now he wants to experience working in a very different field that is persons with disabilities.

Here is the list of other member

  • Mr. Pradip Lama (Member):
  • Mrs. Sunam Chojom Tamang (member):
  • Mr. Tek Bahadur Lama (Member):