Our Main Activities in 2015

Establishment of the HEAD Enable Home a Residential Educational Center for Children with Physical Disability:

1st of September 2016

The Himalayan Education And Development (HEAD Nepal) is pleased to initiate the Head Enable Home, a residential educational center for 15-20 children with physical/mobility disability throughout the rural Himalayan region of Humla district. This is our second home after the successful implementation/smooth operation of the Head Vision Home, the first residential educational center for 25 children with visual impairment at Simikot the district headquarter of Humla. The Head Enable Home is currently operated in a rented private building and located just behind the Head Vision Home and has been started from the 1st of September and so far 13 children are already enrolled in the home and 7 more children are under the process of registration.

With close observation and research on the educational status of the all kinds of children in Humla from 2011 to till date, Head Nepal has realized that the children with physical impairment are the only group of children who have been left behind the mainstream education in Humla. There is no special plan and services made abailable to support in education of those children in the remote villages of Humla district. Though the children with physical impairment do not require special education system for their study, they do need to have an appropriate (disabled Friendly/Mobility Accessibility) physical setting/environment at home and school and even on the way between. Because of physical barriers, specially physical accessibility, the children with physical impairment though they are likely/interested to go to school, are not able to do so. Therefore, Head Nepal has realized a concept of a residential center in Simikot which enables the children with physical impairment to access to the school by providing them a disabled friendly physical setting and environment at the home and in school as well. The home doesn’t only accommodate the children but they are ensured with quality education, daily nutritious food, basic health services, imotional needs like, love, affection and training in different subjects such as daily living skills, confident building, mobility/physical exercise, etc.

Currently the home is equipped with very basic services/facilities because of lack of enough resources. We would highly appreciate any means and kinds of support for the home and the children. Thanks all the friends, supporters and partners for this project!!!

Inception of Three Month Knitting Training For Persons with disability in Humla:

22nd of July 2015

Knitting Training After the immediate and successful completion of Three month Sewing and Cutting Training for vulnerable women of Humla a project by HEAD NEPAL: HEAD Skill Development Center came up with another training with collaboration with Adara Development Nepal which is Three Month Knitting Skill Training exclusively for persons with disability. The training is based on modern hand knitting machines and the trainees will learn knitting skill with use of double-bed hand knitting machines which is more productive and better quality and much faster than hand knitting. Hand knitting is quite used to in the region but with the use of such machine the training is conducted/organized first time in Humla district.

The Training was officially started from the 14th of July 2015 however the formal inauguration program was held on 22nd July 2015 in Training Hall of HEAD Skill Development Center near to HEAD Nepal office. In the program Mr. Dharma Raj Neupane Assistant Chief District Officer was invited as Chief Guest. Mr. Angjuk Lama Program manager of ADARA Development Nepal was invited as the special guest in the program, Laxmi Ghimire Planning officer of District Development Committee (DDC) was invited as the chairperson of the inauguration program. Similarly BishnuKumariAcharaya Women Development Officer, KungaSandup Lama Child Welfare Committee, was invited as a guest. The formal program was started nearly at 4 pm and ended at 5:30 pm. The program was moderated by Mr. Lokraj Shahi.

The program was started nearly at 4 pm when all the guests arrived. Mr. Lokraj started the program by offering a sit to all the guests presented. After having seat, everyone had a chance to introduce themselves. After while Mr. Chhitup Lama Executive director of HEAD NEPAL spoke briefly about the training. He talked why the HEAD NEPAL designed this training? And what is the expectation of this training. He highlighted that the training is focused for the persons with disability. “After the completion of the training, the trainees will start working with the acquired skills and produce knitting items as a follow-on project. As they start to produce the items they will share the income and continue the production by themselves.” He mentioned in his speech. Mr. Lama thanked all the supporting partners of the training; Further more he included that Adara Development Nepal and CBR Program through Women and Children Office granted a fund for this training. At the end of his speech he encouraged the trainees to take this opportunity as a passion of learning and wish them all the very best for successful training a head!!!

Completion of Construction of a Green House for the Children with Visual Impairment:

front part of newly built green houseback side of newly built Green house To ensure organic, healthy and enough vegetables and green-leaves for the children with visual impairment residing at Head Vision Home even in winter season and throughout the year, Head Nepal just completed the construction of a green-house with 50 Feet length and 15 feets width. The ISIS/IC Foundation Simikot supported for the construction and Mr. Chhitup Lama, the founder of Head Nepal provided a piece of land near by the center for free for five years. The main purpose of this project is to make sure that the children and the people in the hostel get fresh, healthy and enough vegetables/green-leaves which has social value at the first place. Secondly we believe that the project also has commercial significance that if the greenhouse could grow more vegetables than what is required in the hostel, they will be sold in the local market and it will outstandingly help to generate income for the organization which will be used to manage/develop the home facilities. Moreover the children at the Head Vision Home will be engaged in the process of growing vegetables/working in the greenhouse and they will be trained and developed the knowledge/skill in seeding, watering/irrigating, fertilizing, plantation etc. We are very grateful to the ISIS/IC Foundation not only for financial support in constructing the green-house but their constant technical assistants in managing green-house and growing vegetables/greenleaves. A lot of Thanks to the foundation and all members/staffs for their great support on behalf of Head Nepal and the children with visual impairment.

2nd and 3rd quarterly monitoring and Supervision on HEAD NEPAL and its projects:

Monitoring Group On 6th of June, 2015 HEAD NEPAL and its sub project: HEAD Vision Home, HEAD Skill Development Center has been observed and monitored by the local Authorities. HEAD NEPAL has been continuously working on educational and vocational sector of visually impaired children in particular and overall development of persons with disabilities in general in Humla since 2011. HEAD NEPAL got lots of helping hand during this period; some of them are regular supporting and some supported periodically, some people and organization help frequently. Whoever supports us with any kinds and means, we make sure all of our supporters know what we are doing through their support. In order to do so, we invited all local authorities including the local partners/supporters in HEAD NEPAL to monitor/supervise and evaluate the work/projects. Mr. Rabi bhattarai (Local Development Officer), Mr. Bam Bdr K.C. (Assistant Chief District Officer), Mrs. Ritu Karna (Acting Women Development Officer), Mr. Kunga Sandup Lama (District Child Officer), Mr. Barsa Fadera (Representative from District Education Office), Mr. Indra Bdr Thapa (Industry officer of Cottage industry Development Committee), are the person and authorities who accept our invitation and observed, monitored our work. Monitoring Group

On Wednesday 6th of June 2015, nearly at 3:45 pm all the monitoring team arrived in our office and started their monitoring. First they visited recently running training: sewing and cutting training for vulnerable women, just a single minute walk from our office. This training is conducted and managed by a sub project called HEAD Skill Development Center. While the group arrived in the training hall where 9 women were busy in the training. The monitoring team directly viewed ready clothes made by the trainees. At that moment, they were preparing Nepali Dress called Daura Suruwal. The monitoring team conducted a small informal conversation to each trainee and asked to share their feeling and challenges about the training. In between Mr. Rabi Bhatprai commented that the training should have also included training about interlock machine which is a very important machine for finalizing the clothes. Mr. Resham Raj Rokaya who is in charge of the Head Skill Development Center positively took the suggestion and said that we try our best to hire the machine and train them if possible. At the end of the visit of training hall Mr. Bam Bdr K.C. gave a short but very motivational speech to the trainees that give them strength to build their occupational Carrier.

Monitoring Group After visit of Sewing and Cutting training, the team moved to the HEAD Vision Home which is attached to Head Nepal office. They visited all the dormitory room for our children and they all are happy with the space management and tidiness. After visiting HEAD Vision Home the team suggested us that we should build the toilet for boys also inside the house. Because it's quite difficult in winter to go out.

Monitoring Group After visiting HEAD Vision Home we took them to our training/study hall where all children were waiting for guest. The all children welcomed the guest with warm regards. First they performed English version of Welcome song composed by Chhitup Lama. After this short song, Gorasing Bohora showed the visitor his computer skill. He proved the visitor that Blind person can use computer easily if they got proper training and chance. Gaugora Bohora sang a local Deuda with her own composition. Chhitup Lama helped her in piano and Gorasing Bohora helped in Madal. After while Gorasing also showed his singing talent. He sang a beautiful local Deuda with his own composition. All the visitors gave a big Claus for their performance and extraordinary artistic singing talent and skill.

After this short interaction with the children all the visitors move to Office room. HEAD Nepal's team and visitors/monitoring team had an interaction about our work and HEAD NEPAL team also discussed the further plan with the visitors. The monitoring team was provided with simple snacks. While having snacks all enjoyed watching the video (The Activist Journey and Head Nepal Promotional Video) which were made based on HEAD NEPAL and its activities in 2011 and 2014 respectively. In some parts of the video the monitoring team became sentimental. After the snack time the monitoring team still has lots of thing to see but they can’t because of time limit. Because of tight time schedule the monitoring team left the HEAD NEPAL’S office at 6 PM.

After seeing all the activities of HEAD NEPAL by monitoring team every one thanked us for a wonderful job. It’s pleasure for HEAD NEPAL to hear these words. They also suggest in some point, such as HEAD NEPAL providing ICT training for children with visually impaired. Now student are only learning basic computer, instead for the today’s e-world, monitoring team suggest that the computer should have internet connection too. That would be better. They also suggest developing more technical education. Music class is also to be included for visually impaired children. At the end they all promise that they will support HEAD NEPAL from their perspective field.

We would like to say thanks to visiting group who evaluate us and help us to go further. We would like to say thanks to all our supporters who made this all possible and thank you all our staff who put and extra effort for try to increase the level of HEAD NEPAL.

One Day Orientation and Interaction on Disability Friendly Inclusive Development in Local Level

Banner of the program Chairperson of the Program Mr. Krishna Bdr Katwal and chief Gues Mr. Rabi Bhattarai As the Community Based Rehabilitation (CBR) program aims to develop a positive attitude of the members of the family and the community towards the persons with disabilities and to increase participation of the persons with disabilities through mobilizing local community and development agencies for holistic development of the persons with disabilities, On 28th of May 2015 HEAD Nepal conducted one day orientation and interaction program for government and non-government development agencies specially for Secretary of Village Development Committee (VDC) on disability friendly inclusive development in local governance. This program was organized by HEAD Nepal with coordination to Women and children office Humla.

The program is also the part of CBR (Community Base Rehabilitation) program. HEAD NEPAL is the main implementing body of CBR program in Humla district. On this program Mr. Krishna Bdr Katwal Chief District officer of Humla, Rabi Bhatarai the Local Development Officer of Humla, Krishna Bdr Kunwar District senior Police, and about 21 secretary of Different VDC’S of Humla, local media persons, representative of local, national, international organization and other interested persons were participated in the interaction program which was conducted in the program hall of District Development Committee where altogether about 50 participants were attended. The program was conducted under Mr. Krishna Bdr Katwal's chairpersonship and Mr. Rabi Bhatrai as Special Guest and other relevant guest. Chief Guest of the Program Mr. RAbi Bhattarai Giving a speech

The program was mainly divided into two parts. In the first session the formal inauguration of the one day interaction and orientation program was held; The Chief District Officer or the Chair person of the program, Mr. Krishna Bahadur Katwal and The LDO, the chief guest jointly inaugurated the program by opening the banner file on the screen. Later the interaction among the participants on the issue of building a disabled friendly and inclusive Humli society was held following the presentation on the facts and situation of the persons with disabilities in the district by Nirmal Bista.

The orientation program was the second session which was mainly focus on the VDC’S level specially for the secretary of the VDCs where the planning was made and every activity/project is carried out/implemented. The VDCs are the very local body of government which is the foundation for planning and budget allocation. Our aim is to orientate the secretary of VDC’S how to allocate budget of target group, especially for persons with disabilities and how to select the program for them.

The first session: Interaction Program among all participants:

Chhitup lama the Director of HEAD NEPAL presenting the achivement of HEAD NEPALThe program was started at 2 pm. In the first session after the formal opening session, we moved on to the main content which is to share progress, current work and future planning of Head Nepal. To present these topics in better way we prepared a presentation about HEAD NEPAL which was presented by Mr. Chhitup Lama Executive Director of HEAD NEPAL. The presentation mainly contained the information of HEAD NEPAL; why, when, where and how the organization was started, its main project such as HEAD Vision Home, HEAD Skill Development Center, Disability Information Advisory Service etc., brief information of each project, information on what we have done in past and what we are going to do in future. After the presentation we believed that the audience and participant gained an overall and holistic image of HEAD NEPAL.

Nirmal Bista teacher of HEAD NEPAL presentating the status of people with disability in HumlaAfter a short overview on the organization, Head Nepal, Mr. Nirmal Bista presented the participants with the overall condition of the persons with disabilities in Humla district which is based on the survey of Disability in Humla in 2068 by HEAD NEPAL and Women and children office. The presentation included detail/information about personal, educational, disability. The presentation was named "The Statistical Report of Persons with disability in Humla". It was prepared and presented by Mr. Nirmal Bista Special Teacher of HEAD NEPAL. In the presentation the personal information which was focused on age group, cast, marital Status etc. Disability information which cover the detail of Disability, Educational Status which tells the participant about the number of educated, literate and uneducated person with disability. In the context of Humla in the sector of persons with disability it's hard to find educated persons with disability. More than 75% Persons with disabilities are uneducated. The presentation also shows the status of rehabilitation available in VDC’S, provider of rehabilitation services. More than 95% persons with disability didn’t get any rehabilitation services.

Participent of ProgramAfter the short and important presentation, the moderator of the interaction program Mr. Lokraj Shahi opened the floor for interaction about the issue of disability and disabled friendly/inclusive development in Humla. As the developmental indicators of people with disabilities in the district are extremely low, most of the participants expressed their unsatisfactory opinion towards government and non-government organization/agencies for not initiating intervention services/rehabilitation programs targeting the PWDs. the participants felt that existing and implemented developmental activities and intervention/projects don't have proper inclusive and participatory policy for people with disabilities. The metacards were distributed among the participants to collect their openion/suggestion/comment on how we all together can build a disabled friendly/inclusive Humli society. Currently Head Nepal is under compiling process of all collected comment which will be presented in the next similar program. After about 15 minutes of discussion/interaction among the participants, Mr. Rabi Bhatarai Chief guest of the program and local Development Officer of Humla gave a powerful speech and promise that he will support HEAD NEPAL in future as much as possible. He also says that he is quite surprised to know blind people can operate Computer that’s why he wants to visit HEAD NEPAL certainly. He ended his speech by giving good wishes to HEAD NEPAL.

After this short speech Mr. Krishna Bdr Katwal Chair Person of our program and Chief District officer of Humla gave a short speech. He too surprised by seeing the ability using computer by disabled person especially by blind. He promised that he will be supportive for HEAD NEPAL. He ended his speech by closing the first interaction program and opening to the next session that was orientation for VDCs's secretary.

The 2nd session: The orientation for secretary of VDCs:

In the second session, several activities were conducted in order to better orient the Secretaries of VDC’S and other interested participants specially in designing, planning, implementing disabled friendly/inclusive programs/projects for PWDs in local VDC level. For an effective training, the facilitators designed three different powerpoint presentations.

The second session mainly included major three topics which are introduction, definition, categorization of the disability, about Community Based Rehabilitation (CBR) program and disability related inclusive policy, provision in local level. The first part was facilitated by Mr. Chhitup Lama with the presentation entitled "what is disability". The presentation mainly included the definition/introduction of disability, classification of disability from different perspectives:The classification of disability marked by the government as the problem of physical body. Classification of disability on the basis of disability identity card based on seriousness of disability. The presentation also showed the audience some respected word that they can be use in daily life. The presentation also contained the key phrases or terminology and its meaning that are used in the field of disability. These kinds of phrases are very important for the secretary of VDC’S while making certain documents for PWDs. Mr. Lama carried out the presentation in very interactive way that the participants can raise questions or comment on what they feel uncomfortable or unclear. After this short but very powerful and meaningful presentation by Chhitup Lama, the session moved to the next presentation.

Lokraj Shahi teacher of HEAD NEPAL presentatingThe presentation was all about the Community Base Rehabilitation program: program for an inclusive Development. The session was taken by Mr. Lokraj Shahi. He mainly discussed about the history and background, purpose or importance, objective, concept, Area, the structure, and definition of CBR program. He further argued Why CBR program is important in local level, how VDCs will take part in CBR program. The presentation also contained the main key point of the program, which is related to Community Base Rehabilitation (CBR) Program. This presentation showed what is Village base CBR Coordination Committee and its structure, what are the responsibility of secretary of VDC’S, what they should do if persons with disability came in to their contact, how to assist persons with disability and rehabilitate them in their community level. The presentation also focuses on the structural base image of CBR group and its form. Mr. Lokraj Shahi briefly describes each and every pint and slide to the audience. After the facilitation by Mr. Shahi, the session moved to the last presentation. Chhitup Lama

The presentation Planning Collection process with participation of all persons was prepared and facilitated by Mr. Krishna Bdr Shai, the Expert on good Governance in District Development Committee. This section of the facilitation mainly incorporated how to allocate budget for target group specially for persons with disability. He briefly described the secretary of VDC’S the process/areas, criteria of allocating funds for persons with disability. With short rap-up review of the days, Mr. Chhitup Lama Executive director of HEAD NEPAL ended the program by giving thanks to all participant, local reporters, all the secretary of VDC’S and to other who made this program possible. Krishna Bdr Shahi

All in all, we enjoyed organizing and managing the whole program. It was of course to give somethings to our target population but remarkably wonderful and exciting to gain as well; live experience of learning by doing. The program gave us a chance to update our activities to the local authorities. Not only that they are completely focussed on our materials that we have showed them in the program. They interacted with us in every presentation, tried to understand the concept and gave us a feedback. They also promised that they will help us in our activities more further and gives us a strength to keep on continuing the wonderful work in such remote area. The program has played a role of window to HEAD NEPAL for local authorities and all the participant and secretary of VDC’S. The program allowed us to introduce our self to community. Our target was to orientate the secretary of VDC’S and most of them attended the program. They all got highly interested in the program. They asked lots of question and that was the good sign for us. They watched each of our presentation and had interaction with us. They stayed with us till the program ended.

We would like to say thanks to the all local authorities who attend the program, secretary of VDC’S who have manage a time to attend our program instead of their busy time schedule and work load. We also like to say thanks to rest of the participants who were highly interested in our program. At the end we would like to say thanks to our all staff for their hard work and make this happened.

As being a leading organization in the field of people with disabilities in Humla, we realized that it is our responsibility to conduct such programs in order to change the mind set of community members and entire society towards persons with disability and to make services/facilities as available as possible for persons with disabilities. In the same time, all development agencies should join the supportive hands together to build a perfect inclusive and a successful community. That is only possible when we incorporate the issues of the most marginalized community like people with disabilities in all of our programs. We are sure that this one day interaction/orientation program has added a brick in building a disabled friendly/inclusive Humli community.

Monitoring from District Education Office

Dharmajit Shahi District Education Officer watching while Gorasing Bohora using computer with Screen Reader Dharmajit Shahi observing Tactile Graphic map of Nepal On 18th of May 2015 From District Education Office visited HEAD NEPAL. On visiting group Mr. Dharmajit Shahi District Education officer, Bishnu Shai School Superintendent and other staff were included. They observed all the activities that we run regularly in HEAD Nepal.

First about 7:30 AM in the morning the group arrived to HEAD Nepal office. In the beginning the visited our training hall where our student busy in their study. One of our student Gorasing Bohora using a computer. Mr Dharmjit Shahi got surprised so he certenly took his mobile phone and take a couple of picture while Gorasing using computer. After the training hall the visiting group move on to the HEAD Braille library. We showed all materials that we have got from different supporters such as Braille book, braille Embosser, Total Blind Friendly Ludo and Snake Board, some sample of tactile map, materials for drawing tactile graphics. After the observation of these things all the visitors watch two documentary which is made on HEAD Mobile Blind School and overall HEAD Nepal Activities.

Celebrating New Year 2072 in HEAD Nepal:

Students are celebrating new year by dancing 2072 Teacher Lokraj Shahi Putting Dahi Chamal (Red Mark) in forehead of Gorasing bohora (Student)From the beginning of the Earth days comes after night and again come night and day. This is a regular process of Earth. Everyone knows that. Every period of seven days we call week, Every period of four weeks we call Month and every Period of 12 month we call Year. This is the simple and universal rules. But starting time of the year is different in different country, different culture. For example In English the New Year starts in middle of winter. In Japan new year starts from April. In the context of Nepal our new year starts from mid of April. If we go deeply inside the Nepali culture, we can find more various. In Newar Culture the New Year is starts form sometimes in October and sometimes in November. In Tamang community New year starts from around 30th of December. Tamang community call this day “Tamu Losar”. Same day Gurung community also celebrate their New year, they call it “Gurung Losar”. We can find another kind of Losar in Nepal which is “Sonam Losar” and “Galpo Losar”. In the northern part of the country we can find tibatian people who celebrate “Galpo Losar” as their New year, which is around in around in 19th of February. In 21st January around Lama nad Sherpa culture celebrate their new year they call it Sonam Losar. This is just a main-main example. If we search we found more. In common we all Nepalese celebrate New year in around 14th of April. We call this calendar Bikram Samwat. We are already in 2072.

Student enjoying dancing on the occasion of New year 2072For HEAD Nepal this is not only New Year, same day this organization was established in 2068 B.S. Officially we open and start our work. So every HEAD Nepal celebrates New Year as well as Anniversary in the same day. This year also we celebrate New Year with different activities. Our house mother Gaugori Bhandari Prepare various kind of delicious food such as Sel Roti (Special Nepali food made of a rice flour by roosted it in hot oil in circle shape), Chicken, Vegetable of Potato and green leaf. The elder student like Laxmi, Gaugora, Lalita and Gita Helped House Mother to prepare it. On this festive occasion we Prepare Dahi Chamal (mix rice and red color in Curd) or Tika and put it in forehead of student by Mr Lokraj shahi (our Teacher). He individually put this red mark (Tika) in all student’s forehead. After this student enjoyed verities of food. After the lunch we manage to loud the environment with the popular Nepalese dancing song and made our student rocking and dancing. Student enjoyed and dncee loud music all day long. All the student came in to dance floor. Some student shows their skill and some shows the feeling of joy. With dancing and enjoying loud music we all HEAD family welcome the new year with the expectation of new things, new hope, new possibilities, new opportunities and good things. We open a new empty book which is ready to be written by our activities. Lets hope we again have chance to celebrate New year in future with same student.

Occupational base Three month sewing and cutting training for vulnerable women of several VDC’S from Humla:

HEAD Skill Development Center a sub project of HEAD NEPAL inaugurated Three Month Sewing and Cutting Training for vulnerable women of Humla. This program is organized in collaboration with Women Welfare Service WWS, technically supported by Mission East, and financially supported by LAKAR Mission and the program/training is implemented by HEAD skill Development Center HEAD NEPAL.

HEAD Skill Development Center completely focuses on providing technical, household and lifelong skill training to the most marginalized and vulnerable members of society which helps them to live their life easily as well as economically stronger. This 3 months sewing and cutting training is for vulnerable women who are rejected, dominated, very poor, discriminated by family and society. All the trainees are selected by Women Welfare Service. They all are from six different VDC’S of Humla. The training has started from 22nd of chaitra 2071 with simple inauguration program and will be ended on 22nd of Asar 2072.

On 22nd of Chaitra we organize small inauguration program where we have called all the trainies, the Trainer Mr Dhansing Damai, officials of helping organization Mr Durga Jethara, a Program Coordinator, Mr Prem Bahadur Budha a Program Officer and media person from Karnali Fm Miss Tilsara B. K., from Kailash fm Miss Chhapal Lama and from Kachahari.com Mr Karna Bahadur Rokaya. The program was started nearly at 1 pm. We invited Mr Durga Jethara Program Cordintor of WWS as our chief guest. Mr Resham Raj Rokaya Technical coordinator of HEAD Nepal take part in this program as president of the program. Mr Lokraj Shahi participated as moderator.

Following are the name of the trainees who are going to bbe trained for the next three months. Among them two, Surasa Pariyar and Lwanny Shahi are woman with disability.

S.N Name S.N Name
1 Putali Pariyar 2 Jausara B.K
3 Lwanni Shahi 4 Hiru Pariyar
5 Basanti Hamal 6 Laxmi Pariyar
7 Dhansobha Shahi 8 Surasha Pariyar
9 Rupha Shahi

Women Welfare Service mainly works on empowering women in society. This organization focuses their work on Humla and Mugu District of Nepal. Last year Women Welfare Service completed literacy program for vulnerable and marginalized women in Humla district. According to Mr Durga Jethara this three month sewing and cutting training helps these women to start their journey from the literacy based skill to vocational educational based on income generating. this training make these women economically stronger in future than past. This 3 months sewing and cutting training allows these women to implement their reading and writing, mathematical skill in a proper way.

The inauguration program of sewing and cutting training formally started by running a sewing machine by Mr Durga Jethara Program manager of WWS. After this short inauguration program Mr Lokraj Shahi briefly tell the content of training to trainees and ask all for better co-operation for wonderful training. Mr Resham Raj Rokaya Technical Coordinator of HEAD Nepal as well as the president of this inauguration program ended this program by a bit long but beautiful best wishes to all speech.

At he end we would like to say thank to Women Welfare Service WWS and other helping organization for giving HEAD Skill Development Center this wonderful chance to provide our service to the most vulnerable women of Humla district based on the professionalism, expertise and experience that we have developed from the past several years. We would also like to say thanks to our staff for making this a big success Read the Complete Report in pdf

Annual Parents meeting 2015:

Parents meeting 2015 On 29th of March, The Head Vision Home, a project By HEAD NEPAL successfully conducted the annual parents meeting for the year 2071-072 B.S. or 2015 A.D. This meeting is organize every year before the school start. Basically in this meeting we discussed about the support of parents to their children with visual impairment residing at the center. Similarly, we reviewed about the progress of the children and their achievement. During the meeting we also discuss on what can be done in the future for the betterment of the children. ON the same occasion, the parents would be given a chance to speak about what they fell about the HEAD Vision Home and they also can suggest for the improvement and development of the services a head.

Instead of rain and very challenging weather for this year more than18 parents were attended the meeting. We started the meeting at 12 noon with the arrival of the parents. With a short welcome words by Mr. Lokraj Shahi, we started to discussed on the several agendas which are very important in continuation of the services at Head Vision Home. The Teacher of Head Vision Home, Mr Lokraj Shahi facilitated the meeting. Parents meeting 2015

he following are the agendas that are discussed during the meeting:

  1. Updating the contract between HEAD Vision Home and the parents about the registration of the students: It was decided that the Contract will be prolonged/extended for another one academic year that means the contract will be valid from the 1st of Falgun 2071 to the last of Mansir 2072. Each of the contract will be updated and signed by both parties the parents and office on the day when the parents bring their child to the center.
  2. The next agenda was support from the parent's side in topic such as Food, Vegetable, firewood etc: We discussed this topic among the parents and we mutually came to the following conclusion:
    1. o The parents who failed to submit their support the last year will have to submit the remaining support with in one month from the date of this meeting.
    2. For this year we have fixed the support from parent's side as below:
      1. Firewood: 30 kg
      2. Food (Any items locally grown food items are highly appreciated): 5 kg
      3. Dal: 2 kg
      4. Vegetable: 3 kg
  3. Announcing the achievement of the Student at HEAD Vision Home: After the discussion about support from parents we moved to the achievement of the student in this year. We announced the result of the final examination held in Mansir 2071 and all the parents are excited and happy with their children’s result. This year our children have good position in the school. Laxmi Shahi become first of her class which is grade four as well as school second, Pausara Aidi also become first on her class which is grade three, Kalsara Upadhaya become fifth on her class which is grade 3, Subash Sunar become fifth on his class which is grade five. None of our student becomes fail in the exam. The wish you should continue this kind of effort in further days.
  4. What can be done to those student who have not yet received or made disability identity card:
    1. After a short discussion we came with the decision that since the governmental recognition is very much essential, the project will be unable to participate those children who failed to obtain disability identity card.
    2. The Head Vision Home supports those students who are under process of obtaining disability identity card till the end of the Jestha 2072. But if they failed to receive the card , they will automatically ineligible for the Head Vision Home and unable to continue the services.
  5. The date of signing up the children in HEAD VISION HOME for the year 2071-072: With short discussion HEAD staff and all the parents agreed on 18th of Chaitra to bring their children in HEAD VISION HOME.

With these decision we ended this meeting in a very short time. In conclusion we realize that all the parents are happy with HEAD NEPAL’S work. Mr Devising Rokay father of Lalita rokay said "She couldn't have passed this exam if she dinn't join HEAD Nepal. She didn't have text book so far. Because of hard work of HEAD Staff she passes the final exam with very good marks. Thanks to HEAD Nepal." They wish HEAD NEPAL to continue this kind of work and speared similar works more further.

HEAD NEPAL Successfully completed Three month Computer Skill training for people from marginalized community.

Student are using Computer HEAD NEPAL always wants better community with educated and skillful people. We use education as tools for building up a better society. We think there is no alternative of education for creating a wonderful society. We are not only talking about the education with fixed course or syllabus, it could be technical education or it could be education for running a better house or skill to run life with great success and joy, it could be the training or skill which helps people to build better career or that skill could be the better education. We are not only focus on regular or formal education, we tried our best to life and skill related education which will come in handy in the future. Three month computer skill training is one of the best example. Students are using Computer

On today's world technology is everything. In every sector technology has been used. So we should focus on technology based education for produce better men power. In today's competitive world, everyone should at least have basic knowledge of computer and technology. It is not our theory it is the situation of 21st century modern world. Now a days computer and technology is a part of our life. Realizing this fact, The Head Skills Development Center a project by HEAD NEPAL conducted three month computer skill training for 12 marginalized people in Humla. The all are from different VDC's in Humla. We organized the training with collaboration of Small and Cottage Industry Development Board Humla. This training was started from the 1st of Paush and ended on the 1st of Chaitra 2071 B.S. For this training, the Small and Cottage industry development Board supported with a computer teacher and HEAD NEPAL managed and arranged rest of the expenses including the computer sets. In this training we focus on about the basics of computer. The following are the topics and course we focused on:

  1. Fundamental of computer,
  2. Microsoft Notepad,
  3. Microsoft Paint,
  4. Microsoft Office Word,
  5. Microsoft Office Excel,
  6. Microsoft Office PowerPoint,
  7. Internet,
  8. Email
  9. Facebook and other social networking.
Student speaking in ending program

students are using Computer These are the topic we taught in last three month. It may look simple and easy course for outside the Humli community but this is a very important course for Humli people. It will provide them a guide line for advance computer education. They could have better chance to get job in government and non-government offices. They can also start small business with that skill.

On 1st of Chaitra we ended this training with a small certificate distribution Program. On that Program we invited Mr. Eklal Tamang the representative from District administration Office as our special guest and we invited Mr. Santosh Karki from Small and Cottage industry Development Board as a Chief Guest. We open a floor to all to speak a word about this training. From teacher's side Mr. Nirmal Bista wished the entire student and shortly talks about the training. From the student side Miss Chhiring Punor Lama spoke a few words and said thanks to the organizer of this training. From Co-organizer Mr. Santosh Karki, also the chief guest of the closing program spoke little word and wish a good future for the student.

After this short session we distributed a certificate to the student and Mr. Lokraj Shahi gave a small speech and wishes a wonderful life to the student and end the program.

These are the name of the student who completed the three month computer skill training:

S.n Name S.n Name
1 Sharpalal Sharki 2 Kali Bdr Sing
3 Nandapuri Budha 4 Rumala Shahi
5 Manisha Aidi 6 Lokraj Jaishi
7 Ritu Budha 8 Chhiring Punor Lama
9 Chhiring Doka Lama 10 Nara Bahadur Lama
11 Kumma Pariyar 12 Jayadevi Lama

We would like to thank Cottage Industry Development Board to provide a computer teacher for this training and also to the student for giving us chance to teach and to all our staff for making it a great success! Lets hope this skill will help all the students in creating better future.

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