Our Main Activities in 2013

The International Day of Persons with Disabilities, 3 December 2013

(Theme for 22nd International Disability Day):

"Break Barriers, Open Doors: for an inclusive society and development for all"


UN estimates that over one billion people, or approximately 15 per cent of the world's population, live with some form of disability!

Around the world, persons with disabilities face physical, social, economic and attitudinal barriers that exclude them from participating fully and effectively as equal members of society. They are disproportionately represented among the world's poorest, and lack equal access to basic resources, such as education, employment, healthcare and social and legal support systems, as well as have a higher rate of mortality. In spite of this situation, disability has remained largely invisible in the mainstream development agenda and its processes.

The commemoration of this year's International Day of Persons with Disabilities provides an opportunity to further raise awareness of disability and accessibility as a cross cutting development issue and further the global efforts to promote accessibility, remove all types of barriers, and to realize the full and equal participation of persons with disabilities in society and shape the future of development for all!

What we can do to observe IDPD2013

Include: Observance of the Day provides opportunities for participation by all stakeholders 'Governments, the UN system, civil society and organizations of persons with disabilities' to focus on issues related to the inclusion of persons with disabilities in development, both as beneficiaries and agents.

Organize: Hold forums, public discussions and information campaigns to help find innovative ways and means by which persons with disabilities and their families can be further integrated into their societies and development plans.

Celebrate: Plan and organize performances everywhere to showcase - and celebrate - the contributions made by persons with disabilities as agents of change and development in the communities in which they live.

Take Action: A major focus of the Day is practical and concrete action to include disability in all aspects of development, as well as to further the participation of persons with disabilities in social life and development on the basis of equality. Highlight progress and obstacles in implementing disability-sensitive policies, as well as promote public awareness to break barriers and open doors: for an inclusive society for all.

What we did in Humla:

In the region like Humla, being one of the most remote and backward district of Nepal and the condition of persons with disability is severely critical and disability movement in Humla has recently been started, even basic and primary interventions for persons with disability are required to change attitudes and approaches to disability that would ensure the equality and participation of persons with disabilities in society. However, to realize equality and participation for persons with disabilities, they must be included in all development processes and agendas.

The 22nd International Disability Day in Humla district has been celebrated on 3rd of December 2013 in the district headquarters Simikot for the first time in the region. With a special initiation of the Head Nepal, different programs/activities in the day have been jointly organized by Himalayan Education And Development (HEAD Nepal), Women and Children Office Humla, and Sahara Group humla. As the first activity of the day, a rally was carried throughout Simikot Bazaar at 9 a m. Officials from different government agencies, representatives of NGOs/INGOs, teachers, Students, media persons and general public attended in the rally. Some of the people with disability also joined the activity. Numbers of play cards with different slogans about disability written on them have been displayed in the rally. The rally was started from the compound of District Development Committee (DDC) and it also was ended there. As it was the first celebration of disability day in Humla, the main purpose of the rally this time is to raise awareness among the general public and make the stake-holders aware of disability issues in the district.

In the second part of the program, the rally was converted into a general assembly in the hall of DDC Humla. In the same assembly, Women and Children Officer, Mrs. Vishnu Kumari Acharya had few words about disability and the activities that Women and Children Office is doing for the people with disability in Humla. Similarly, Mr. Lokaraj Shahi from Head Nepal and Surya Paudyal from Sahara Group had speeches on the provisions/rules regulation and instruments that are available for the persons with disability in Nepal. This was aimed to draw attention of the government officials/authorities for proper enforcement/implementation of the policies for persons with disability.

Thirdly, Head Nepal organized a assistive device distribution program for persons with visual impairment. In this program, 10 persons with visual impairment are benefited with White Cane. The chief-guest of the program, the Chief District Officer, Mr. Sankar Hari Acharya distributed the White Cane to the respective persons. The visually impaired persons who received white cane are: Chhaya Sunar, Subas Sunar, Harimaya Upadhyaya, Gorasingh Bohora, Gahungora Bohora, Kesari Rawat, Laxmi Rawat, Ram Bahadur Rawat, Chhiring Dorchi Lama, Punimal Shahi. At the end, Mr. Acharya expressed his graditute for the organizations who organized the programs and committed to do his best to support for empowerment, inclusion and integration of the persons with disability.

Meeting with the Parents of the Children with Visual Impairment October 2013:

Meeting with the parents

As the relationship among children, the parents and the organization (Head Nepal) is essential to operate/run the home and training facilities, we conduct regular meeting/workshops with the parents of the children with visual impairment. This frequent contact always helps to feel the real feelings of child and the parents to each other. We make sure that the children enrolled in Head Vision Home are emotionally connected with their parents and they always receive parental love/affection with the regular contact with their parents and the parents feel responsible for their children as well! Similarly, we equally see the important of parent's education in order to encourage and motivated in supporting their disabled child and make them more responsible to create prosperity for the children.

Keeping these facts in mind, we recently organized this years second meeting with the parents of children with visual impairment on 4th of October 2013 in Head Nepal Office in Simikot. The main purpose of the appointment was to have a review-meeting with the parents about the challenges/progress/development of the children and their contribution for them. Similarly, as one of the biggest festivals, Bijaya Dashami 2070 started from the 5th of October 2013 and during the festival all the schools and offices remained closed, the children in Head Vision Home need to get back their home. Therefore another purpose of the meeting was for the parents, they had to get their children back home for the holiday and Dashain celebration.

All the parents of the children with visual impairment at Head Vision Home attended the meeting. The meeting was begun at 12 noon. In the beginning, all the parents, one-by-one had individual talk to Chhitup and Lokraj in regards to their child's educational development. Mr. Chhitup and Lokraj had chance to provide individual feedback on each child's performance, progress, challenges, behavior/manner, discipline etc. During individual meeting, parents also got an opportunity to receive critical feedback on their contribution for the children. All of them took the feedback/suggestion provided by Chhitup and Lokraj positively and it helped them to identify their weaknesses and they believed that they will have a chance to improve them in the future.

Later there was a common meeting among all the parents and Head member including Mr. Herman from Holland. Most of the parents already mate Herman in April 2012 and rest had a chance to introduce with him. In the mean time, Herman explained and refreshed his commitment and motivation to do somethings better for their children and themselves. Mr. Chhitup Lama encouraged the parents in order to become more supportive and responsible for their child's education and better future. He hearty thanked the parents and appreciated for their support/contribution that so far they provided to their children. At the end three of the parents, Chintakar Bohora, Dhankala Bohora and Tsiring Tenjan Lama were awarded as the best parents in terms of their support/contribution for their children. As an award all of them received one month their contribution free in the year 2070. After a short refreshment and lunch, we wished the parents and children to have a very happy Bijaya Dashami 2070 and all the parents got back home with their child.

Herman's Visit to Head Nepal Simikot 2013:

Chhitup welcome Herman at Simikot Airport Children welcome Herman at office gate

Mr. Herman from Holland, representing YAK Foundation, one of our supporters/partner organizations, visited Head Nepal for the second time from 3rd to 10th of October 2013. As Head Nepal and YAK Foundation already have set up a common goal that is to support the blind and partially sighted children in Humla district with educational development by creating an adequate learning environment, Herman with his friend, Peter visited Head Nepal/Simikot/Humla in April 2012 for the first time in order to understand the real life circumstances of people of Humla in general and lives of children with visual impairment in particular. To read more about their visit to Head Nepal Simikot in April 2012, Click Here As a result of their visit, by meeting with so many of concerned government authorities, Head Board, the parents of visually impaired children and children themselves, they felt that the children and the parents deserve the utmost support not only from YAK Foundation but also from other supporters. Consequently in April 2012 YAK Foundation and Head Nepal lightly agreed to construct a school building including adjacent home facilities for the blind and partially sighted children in Simikot Humla. Unfortunately despite of a lot of hard work and constant effort from both side, YAK Foundation and Head Nepal, it could not get resulted with positive remarks in regards with land arrangement because of certain technical and government policy problems. But we never felt this is not the end of our work nor we are de-motivated rather this led us towards the next visit of Herman to take some steps forward in order to build a better educational environment for the blind and partially sighted children in Humla.

Head Board meeting with Herman Meeting with DEO and Herman

As we already started working together for the preparation for the blind education facilities in Humla since 2011, now both partners have realized that this is high time to take some steps forward to be involved in the blind education project with necessary actions. The previously planned project, construction of a school building complex (hardware) has now been changed into creating a well equipped educational environment, (software). Therefore, the main purpose of Herman's second visit to Head Nepal is to have a discussion about our plan of action and the steps to be taken to reach OUR COMMON GOAL: a sustainable and well-equipped educational environment for the children! For this purpose, during his visit, (03-10 Oct 2013) we arranged meeting with our stake-holders, partner organizations, Head Board Members, parents of the children with visual impairment in Simikot. During the meeting there was a chance to summarize the works/activities that are so far done both parties, Head Nepal and Yak Foundation forr the development of blind school project in Simikot. Beside these meetings and appointments, to reach a logical sequence of steps to be taken Herman managed to go through the following WORKPROGRAM during his seven days stay in Simikot:

  1. Observing and visiting all present HEAD-facilities in Simikot which are now used for the education and housing of the children;
  2. Investigating, of course in conversation with Executive Director and Board of Head Nepal, all the present shortcomings (hardware/software) of the visited facilities/locations;
  3. Have a short review-meeting with the parents about the challenges/progress/development of the children and their contribution for them.
  4. Visit/trek to a small village outside Simikot called Thehe including an overnight stay to see life circumstances and to meet parents and children.
  5. Meeting with local authorities like, District Education Officer (DEO), representative from Red Cross, Principle of Balmandir School and of course with Board members of Head Nepal
  6. Settle in conversation with Chhitup and the Board of HEAD Nepal a prioritylist of goals for the next 3-5 years,
Herman's trek to Thehe Village Herman and Chhitup having rest on the way

As a result of the meetings, appointments and visit of Herman to Head Nepal Simikot, Head Nepal through the Board and Executive Director presented the list of most urgent need for Head Vision Home to improve its educational facilities and quality, what step/steps that is facility/facilities (hard and software) are most needed now, what is second, what third et cetera et cetera. The realisation (and sum) of all these (small) steps, which are laid down in THE PRIORITYLIST, make in our view the project complete and as perfect as possible. For Head Nepal, support for the following causes come in our priority list of actions:

  1. Qualified teacher/instructor for the students with visual impairment at Head Vision Home.
  2. Improving currently available housing facilities and extending/adding the first floor rooms in order to make enough space and comfortable stay and study for 20-25 children.
  3. Supporting for low vision and learning materials/equipments such as, slate and stylus, Braille type writer, CC TV (Close Circuit Television), Braille printer (Embosser), magnifying glasses, white cane, computers, audio/recording devices etc.
  4. Supporting for the children with medical expenses, clothing and hygienic materials.
  5. Supporting for furniture like bunk beds, table, chairs, book shale, curtains, wall clothes, carpets etc.
Currently available home for the children Herman with Nepali cap

On the basis of the priority list of what is first and what second steps to be taken presented by Head Board and the impression and experience that Herman got from his visit and stay in Simikot/Head Nepal and Head Vision Home (hostel facilities) and of course, most importantly what is needed for a better educational environment for the children, Herman will present these proposal to the YAK Board in Holland and finally to conclude, YAK Board will have positive decision on the above mentioned priority list before 25th December 2013 to be involved in this project not only financially but also any possible support/suggestion/advice as a partner organization. After the official decision from YAK Foundation, we both of partner organizations will come up with our clear plan of action/activity and time-frame which ultimately help to make a different in the lives of the blind and partially sighted children in Humla district.

Still a huge number of children with visual impairment in Humla district have been left behind opportunity to education and Head Nepal has constantly been working to bring them into mainstream education system. Therefore, we believe that 'alone can do less but together we can do much'. So lets come together and join our creative and innovative hands/mind/resources/energy and build a better society for everyone as a real human being. We welcome any of your creative, innovative and supportive hands/minds/resources/energies. If you would like to be a part of this beautiful project with any kind of support please Contact Us

Celebration of National Children Day 2070:

Blind and Deaf Children dancing DEO hand over cash to Chhitup

The national children's day 2070 has been celebrated on Saturday 29th Bhadra by organizing various events and programs all over Nepal. On the occasion of the day, all the government and non-governmental organizations working for children in Humla district organized an event in Balmandir Secondary School in district headquarter Simikot. The Head Nepal also actively participated in the event. In the mean time, six of differently able children performed a stage dance with a children's song composed and arranged by Mr. Chhitup Lama. The performance was good example of an inclusive dance on the ground that among the six dancers, three of them are children with visual impairment and rest three are children with hearing impairment. Though contact/communication between blind and deaf persons is very limited and taken it almost next to impossible in general, we as Head Nepal tried our best to arrange the dance and made it happened.

The government authorities and many of NGOs representative attended the program highly appreciated the performance. The District Education Officer (DEO), Mr. Kool Bahadur Phadera handed over total amount of Nprs. 10000 to Head Nepal as an award and which was meant to be scholarship for the children for their stationeries. The chief guest of the program, Assistant Cheaf District Officer, Mr. Bam Bahadur K. C. also admired the performance and he focused his words on building a child friendly socio-cultural and educational environment in the district. He also appealed the aligned agencies, stake-holders and organizations to work together in order to make a better society for children.

The Inaugural Ceremony of ICT based Computer training:

People attended in the ceremony Chief guest typing on computer

The first and only especial ICT based computer training for visually impaired students has been launched by Head Nepal in Simikot Humla. The training was formally inaugurated on 26th of August 2013 in an especial ceremony organized by Head Nepal. The chief-guest of the ceremony, Mr. Bam Bahadur K. C., the Assistant Chief District Officer inaugurated the training formally by uncovering the curtain on the monitor of all computer that are set up in the class and starting the screen reader and typing some words on computer with the help of screen reader software.

Head Nepal officially invited the concerned government officers and NGOs representative and media persons ETC. in the program. The Assistant District Education Officer, Mr. Mansingh Bishta, The Women Development Officer, the Children Welfare Officer ETC. and many of NGOs representatives attended the ceremony. With the start of inaugural ceremony, the visually impaired children in Head Vision Home welcomed all the guests with a welcome song and a totally blind child, Gorasingh Bohora performed an individual and self-created/composed song in the program. Through the words of the song he expressed bitter experience of his past life which made many of the audiences emotional and touched their heart. During the ceremony, one of the partner organizations of Head Nepal, ISIS/IC Foundation distributed a set of tracksuit for each of the kids in Head Vision Home and stationaries and sports materials.

Head children singing welcome song Children using computer

The instructor of Head Nepal, Mr. Lokraj Shhahi moderated the program. The technical coordinator of Head Nepal, Mr. Reshamraj Rokaya assisted Mr. Shahi and he had a chance to explain about the work/activities that the organization has done so far. Accordingly most of the officers and representatives had chance to have their words in regards to the training. The chief guest, Mr. Bam Bahadur K. C. emphasized the important of 'Information, Communication and Technology' saying that the most essential and biggest property is the skills and knowledge on ICT in 21st century world. The Assistant District Education Officer, Mr. Bishta admired the initiation of especial ICT training and District Education Office is happy to support the program and will always be positive to work together with Head Nepal. All the other speakers of the ceremony appreciated the start of computer training for visually impaired students while accessibility to such opportunity is very much limited even for regular people in Humla! And they also wished a great success of the training! At the end of the program, closing the inaugural ceremony, Mr. Chhitup Lama, the Executive Director of Head Nepal expressed his gratitude/thankfulness for all the guests presented and the individuals/organizations that supported Head Nepal directly and indirectly with different means!!!

Chief guest handovering items District Education Officer speaking

The especial ICT based computer training was mainly supported by the District Education Office and It is going to be implemented with mutually collaborating with Balmandir Secondary School. The District Education Office donated 4 sets of desktop computers with Internet connection and a printer and Head Nepal managed another 3 sets. All together 7 sets of computer are being used to train the students. For more details on the Especial Computer Training for visually impaired students, please Visit Here

Celebration of Teacher's Day 2070 at Head Vision Home:

In many countries, Teachers' Days (or Teachers Day) are intended to be special days for the appreciation of teachers and may include celebrations to honour them for their special contributions in a particular field area, or the community in general. The date on which Teachers' day is celebrated varies from country to country. Teachers' days are distinct from World Teachers' Day which is officially celebrated across the world on October 5.

In Nepal this year Teacher's day took place on 22nd of July, 7th Shrawan 2070. On the occasion of this important day, the staffs and children in Head Vision Home organized a especial program in Simikot On Monday 22nd of July 2013. All the children and the teachers were participated during this special occasion. From the ancient period, teacher's day has a historical and cultural significant in Nepali society. Teachers are respected like a God in Hindu and Buddhist based cultures. Now a days, this day has been developed like traditional ritual. Every student thank to their teachers for the teaching/learning and they also worship them by making flower's garlands and hanging them on their teacher's neck and preparing delicious food for them. And the teachers put Tika (a red mark made out of rice and color) on their student's forehead and bless them for success in their further study.

A student putting Khata to Lokraj Celebrating teacher's day

20 of the children in Head Vision Home prepared all the required decorating items and variety of traditional/typical Nepali foods for their teachers, Lokraj and Reshamraj. The house mother, Kundol Lama helped the children in kitchen. First of all, to begin with, the students put Khata (a white scarf, sign of good luck and respect) and flowery garlands on Lokraj and Reshamraj's neck and the teachers put Tika on student's forehead a symbol of good fortune and blessings!. Afterward all of them had a variety of yummy foods like Selroti, Chiula, Momos, Chickens, tea/coffee etc. Later on, some of children, Gorasingh, Gahugora Chhaya sang for the rest of group members and Sunam Yangjom, Laxmi, Sapana danced for the teachers. The teachers also helped the children to make the moment even more entertaining/amusing and funny! In this way, the teacher's day has been celebrated in Head Vision Home and the teachers felt honoured/respected by their students!

Head Children have been awarded in the occasion of First Anniversary of radio karnali Aawaj:

Children singing welcom song Children singing radio jingle

All the children with visual impairment in Head Vision Home including the instructor and executive director attended the first anniversary of one of the community radio, (Radio Karnali Aawaj FM 94.2 M.H. in Simikot in 1st of Ashard 2070 (15th June 2013). The entire Head family was officially invited in that especial occasion by the organizer team. Almost all the local authorities, leader of all political parties, chief/representative from INGOs/NGOs media persons, teachers, students and huge number of public were enthusiastically present in the program. The program was held in the conference hall of District Development Office (DDC) Humla and chaired by the president of the Radio management committee Mr. Dala Rahol. The chief guest of the anniversary program was the Mr. bijaya Narayan Manandar, the Chief District officer (CDO). The program was also live broadcasted during the entire day.

The Audiences in Program

The program was begun with a melodious welcome song by the children from Head Vision Home followed by a lot of speeches, dances, musics etc. In the middle part of the program, five of our children, Sunayangjom, Chhaya, Gahugora, Suresh and Sobas performed a radio jingle among hundreds of audiences in the hall and thousands of radio listeners all over Humla and neighboring districts. The song was composed by Mr. Chhitup Lama. All the audiences, listeners especially the organizer team were deeply impressed by the performances of our children. All the children of Head Vision Home as a group was awarded with Nprs. 5000 and certificate as the best performance in the program. Many of the speakers also appreciated the initiation of Head Nepal and its works. The enormous talents of the children with visual impairment was greatly admired in the program.

Fund Raising Activities for the Head Blind School:

Recently fund raising activities for the children with visual impairment in Head Blind School has been organized in Hongkong. The activity was carried out by the organization, Centre for Community Cultural Development. www.cccd.hk The center decided to organize screenings of the documentary made on the activities of Head Nepal in 2011 and fundraising for HEAD Nepal between 4th -10th June at the Touch Art Exhibition. Many of people attended in the exhibition donated generously for the blind children of Nepal. We are thankful to the center for organizing the events and also to those who donated for the children! If you also would like to support us in any way, please Contact Us The short version of the film is available here:

Ther longer version of the film is available at the link below. In 2013 the film " The Activist Journey 2-The Hidden Light of Hope of Humla" was awarded a Bronze World Medal by New York Film Festival 2013. For more details on the award please visit this Link

Community Based Rehabilitation (CBR)

Chicken Keeping Training and Distribution Program for Persons with Disability

The trainer conducting class

On Saturday 1st of June 2013, one day training on chicken keeping has been successfully organized for different kind of people with disabilities in Dandaphaya VDC ward No. 8 in Dharapori village. The program was organized and implemented by Head Nepal and financially supported by the Women and Children Office Simikot under the government's annual program, community Based Rehabilitation (CBR) for people with disability.

The target group of the training was people with disability in four VDcs, Dandaphaya, Syanda, Khangalgaun and Hepka. All together 20 persons with disability five persons from each VDC and some of their assistants were benefited from the training. Among the participants, there are seven persons with visual impairment, seven with hearing impairment, five with physically challenged and one with mental disordered. Some of elder children of Head Nepal hostel also participated in the training. The entire training program was managed and coordinated by the Instructor of Head Nepal, Mr. Lokraj Shahi. The training was mainly facilitated by Mr. Bindeshwar Raya, the officer from the Life Stock development office Simikot and assisted by Mr. Ganga Bahadur Thapa, expertized in Life Stocked Service. The one day's training was focused on basic knowledge, idea and skills about chicken keeping.

The session started with an introductory program among the organizers, trainers and the participants and their assistants one by one. Later on, Mr. Lokraj introduced Head Nepal and its various activities for persons with disabilities in Humla district. He also explained about the purpose of the training.

Mr. bindeshwar and Ganga took up rest of the day providing the trainees with various information on chicken or hens keeping especially in Himalayan region. The trainees were basically equipped with general information and ideas on how to make a chicken coop, the way how and what to feed to different times of chickens/hens and possible diseases that the chickens can be infected with.

At the end of the session, the participants were informed to attend the next part of the program that will be chickens distribution program and be held right a week later on Saturday 8th of June 2013 in Simikot. On the same day, each of trainee will get some pairs of chickens just to start small business by themselves. Right at 11 AM begun training session was completed at 5 PM in the evening and all the trainees got back to their respective villages.

As the next part of the program, each of all the 20 participants; people with disability received three pair of chickens from Head Nepal on 8th of June 2013 in Simikot. It was nothing but meant to be a small venture capital for them to get their business started.

The local government Authorities visited Head Nepal and the children with visual impairment:

Officers in Head Nepal Officials distributing stationeries

On the especial occasion of republic day on 30th of May 2013, a team of local government authorities let by the Chief District Officer, (CDO) Mr. Bijaya Narayan Manandar visited Head Nepal and the children with visual impairment who are residing at Head nepal hostel in Simikot. The other members in the team are Local Development Officer (LDO), Mr. Naresh Prasad Dhakal, District Education Officer, Mr. Kul Bahadur Fadera, Women and Children Officers respectively Mrs. Bishnu Kumari Acharya and Mr. Kungasandup Lama and all of their assistants. With the arrival of the officials, Head Nepal's staffs and the children welcomed them with flowers on their hand and also with melodious song sung by the kids. Even though it was not their first visit to Head Nepal, all of them curiously enquired about the recent activities/works of Head Nepal and education of the blind children in the organization. The founder/Executive Director, Mr. Chhitup Lama informed them the current status of the organization, the projects/activities that Head Nepal is under taking and even the problem and challenges that the organization is facing. After the interactive session about the current circumstance of Head Nepal, the Chief District Officer, Mr. Manandar handed over a cheque with Nprs. 120000 to the Executive Director of Head Nepal which is meant to be scholarship for the children in the hostel and the scholarship is provided from District Education office.

Later on, all the officers entered to the study room where the children were seated and they encouraged the children by distributing stationeries like note books, pencils, and sweets as well. All the officials are deeply inspired by the work of Head Nepal and they felt very happy on this kind of noble work. They encouraged the head staffs to keep doing such works and wished Head Nepal for its future endeavors!

Head Children participated in the Inaugural Occasion of the 1st Presidential Running medal 2070:

Children Dancing Musical Team

The 1st Presidential Running Medal (Rashtrapati Running Sheeld) in Hummla based on competition in various sports among the secondary level students from 14 schools in Humla has been over in Simikot. The inaugural program was held on 26th of May 2013 in Simikot. The entire program was organized and managed by the District Sports Development Committee Humla. As the organizer team requested Head Children to have a group performance on the occasion of the program, 6 of our children, sunayangjom, Laaxmi, sapana, Amarsingh, Jaga and Suresh presented a modern dance in the program. Rest of the children helped in singing and playing musical instruments. Mr. Chhitup Lama, the executive director of Head Nepal also assisted them in playing piano. The huge number of audiences present in the occasion enjoyed watching the dance of children. The skills and artistic performance of children is highly appreciated by the officials and authorities even general public attended the inaugural program.

Meeting with the Parents of Children with Visual Impairment March 2013:

This year meeting with the parents of the visually impaired children was organized on Monday 11th of March 2013 at Head Nepal office in Simikot. 16 members attended the meeting. The meeting was chaired and coordinated by Mr. Lokraj Shahi, the instructor of Head Nepal and assisted by Mr. Namgyal Tamang, the adviser of the organization.

The main agendas of the meeting was to evaluate the educational development of the children who have been residing and studying at Head Nepal and to select some more children to enroll in the hostel. In the first part of the meeting, all the parents were asked to explain their views or opinion on the services that Head Nepal has been providing to their children and even the changes that they could see/feel on the children. All the parents were very satisfied at what Head Nepal is doing for their kids and they would like to continue their children's study with Head Nepal hostel. According to them, the children are improved in terms of education, mobility skills, daily living skills, communication and many more. They were informed that some of our children got first, second and third position in the regular school.

Later on, by analyzing the resources available with Head Nepal and support that will be provided by the parents, it was decided that maximum 11 more children will enrolled in the hostel in this year 2013. The children for enrollment were identified and selected in the same time. Read Profiles of Children Enrolled in 2013 With the request of the most of the parents, Head Nepal decided to lessen the amount of the contribution to be made by the parents by double than the last year except of firewood. The parents also agreed to do so being responsible for their children. Mr. Lokraj asked the parents to attend their kids to the center on 15th of March as the two months winter vacation gets over. In this way, after a short refreshment, the meeting was over and the parents got back to their home.

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