Explore Humla, A Tourism Program for People with and without disability!

We invite you to Humla with its mountains, rivers and forests. Where else in the world would you find a place where no traffic disturbs the piece of an untouched landscape? Enjoy the fresh air, breath taking views and friendly people of this region. You can explore the natural beauty of Humla on horse back or on foot. When you stop in a village, you will learn about their culture and traditions, but also hear about the challenges of living in a remote area without access to transportation and many services.

Head staff travelling throughout the mountain on the horse back Blind people on a hanging bridge

Imagine the guides through forests and up and down hill are blind or partially sighted. They will show you their villages through their eyes and help you to experience nature and culture with all senses. Join the blind and partially sighted youth of HEAD Nepal school on a journey through their world. If you have a disability, we assure you the best assistance for your needs. We are disabled ourselves, so we know what is important for you to in order to have an interesting and safe adventure on the mountains of Humla.

The programme includes:

  • Sight seeing in Kathmandu
  • Transportation to Humla
  • Food and accommodation
  • Cultural programme
  • Traditional festivals
  • One and two day excursions to nearby villages
  • Experience of the natural beauty with all senses
  • Interaction with blind and partially sighted students of the HEAD Blind School

With your participation in one of our journeys you support the programme of HEAD Nepal to give blind and partially sighted children special education and to prepare them for integration into mainstream schools. The accessible tourism programme is still in preparation.

for further information Please contact us Also to know more about the programme download and read this document