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About HEAD Nepal

Head Nepal Family with Visitors

Himalayan Education and Development [HEAD] Nepal is a non-profit, non-political, non-religious and non-governmental regional organization working for the empowerment and development of people with disabilities in the Himalayan region of Nepal. The organization was founded in 2011 by Mr. Chhitup Lama with the active participation of the local people of Humla. HEAD Nepal is registered under the district administration office Humla with the registration No. 137 and affiliated to Social Welfare Council (SWC) government of Nepal with the affiliation No. 33309. The office of HEAD is located at the district headquarter of Humla, Simikot, as the activities are currently concentrated on this district.

Head Nepal is runned by a Board of 7 enthusiastic persons under a Board of General Assembly with 23 members. The staff of HEAD Nepal consists of the Founder/executive director, 10 staffs under Head Vision Home, Head Enable Home and Head skill Development center and 10 more staffs under the project Reducing hunger and improving nutrition amongst children with disabilities and some volunteers.

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The Vision

HEAD Nepal sees a Nepal where people with disabilities participate actively in all sectors of society with a high social position and respect.

The Mission

The mission of HEAD Nepal is to expand the participation and contribution of Nepali men, women and children with disabilities especially from the mountainous region of Nepal to all aspects of society, by empowering, educating, strengthening and mobilizing them to face every situation life has to offer.

What We Do

Head Nepal basically intends to work for all kinds of persons with disabilities in Humla district as far as its resources favor. We conduct different support services, vocational/educational training, awareness/sensitization programs etc. throughout the year for different kinds of persons with disabilities with different age group. However currently our major focus remains on providing education/training to the blind and partially sighted and physically disabled children in Humla. The following are some of the major works that we are undertaking at the moment:

  • The Head Mobile Blind School had been set up in 2011 for children with visual impairment and runned for a year providing basic training to the children throughout different 8 VDCs of Humla district
  • A residential training center, (Head Vision Home) has been set up in the year 2012 in the district headquarter, Simikot and currently 25 blind and partially sighted children are being trained/educated in the center.
  • The 2nd residential educational center named the Head Enable Home has been set up in the yer 2016 and currently 20 children with physical/mobility disabilities are being benefited (trained/educated) in Simikot.
  • A comprehensive survey report on the overall condition of persons with disabilities in Humla has been prepared by collaborating with different associated organizations
  • We conduct Basic Needs Support Service on yearly basis to address the basic needs of the persons with disabilities in one of the VDCs in Humla which has the highest rate of persons with disabilities. This project started from 2012 and it was implemented in Kholsi village in Syanda VDC where 41 persons with different disabilities were directly benefitted
  • The Head Skill Development Center has been set up in 2013 to promote social and economical inclusion of persons with disability through a range of vocational and skill/capacity building training.
  • Head Nepal provides different supportive/assistive devices to different persons with disabilities depending on their type and nature of disability, such as white cane, magnifying glasses for persons with visual disability and wheelchair, crouches for persons with physical disability etc. and the materials/devices are collected from different partner/supporting organizations and individuals around the globe
  • Head Nepal has set up a computer lab in Simikot and provides the blind and partially sighted children with especial computer skills and knowledge.
  • Head Nepal set up a counseling services called Disability Information Advisory Services which provides independent information and advice to disabled people, their families, friends, colleagues, caregivers and service providers and the general public.
  • HEAD Nepal in partnership with Mission East Nepal has started the project "Reducing hunger and improving nutrition amongst children with disabilities and other marginalized children in remote mountain villages of Nepal" for 2 years, (June 2017 - May 2019).
  • Head Nepal organizes friquent meetings with the parents of children with disabilities, comunity members, also with stakesholders, associated partner/donor organizations for further improvement, advancement of the existing programs and designing and development of other innovative and relevant projects for persons with disabilities
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A Special Thanks

No one can change the world alone. This is also true for HEAD Nepal. We wouldn't have been able to get to where we are today without the help/support of some friends and organizations listed as follows.

The International Institute for Social Entrepreneurs (IISE) helped the dream of HEAD Nepal to grow and develop. Especially Sabriye Tenberken supported concerning the development of ideas and concepts. A big thank you to her and the staff of the IISE in Kerala.

Our sincere gratitude to Vidya Vrikshah, the organization that granted us the Head Mobile Blind School, the first project. A big thanks to Mr. N. Krishna Swamy, the chair man of the organization for his generous support.

The Technical Skill Development Center for the Blind and Disabled (TSDCBD) helped HEAD Nepal in the first hours of existence with their staff member, Anit Thapa, who came to Humla as the first volunteer in the history of the organization. Thank you very much for the support.

The second volunteer was Anja, a participant at the International Institute for Social Entrepreneurs. She supported the organization with the website, project proposals and a long term sustainability plan. Thank you for the work.

Our special thanks to the TV station, August Picture TV Production House in Singapore for producing a film entitled "the activist journey" about the mobile blind school and the the activities of Head Nepal in 2011. A big thank you goes to the host, Paige, for her great contribution and also a big thanks to all the people in Singapore who contributed financially to our programme.

Our sincere gratitude and a big thanks to Mr. Herman, Peter, Walter and all the members of SNG from Holland for their tireless effort to fulfill our common goal that is to create an appropriate educational environment for the blind and partially sighted children in Simikot Humla!!!

ADARA Development Simikot supported Head Nepal financially to conduct extensive survey on condition of people with disabilities in Humla district, and organize Basic Needs Support Services in Kholsi village. The Foundation also supports our children with stationaries. Currently in 2014 the foundation funded to construct a green-house in Simikot for the children at Head Vision Home. A big thanks to the foundation and staffs for their great assistance!

We are also very grateful to Mr. Yagya B. Shahi who worked with us for 6 months in voluntary basis thank you for the support!

We would like to thank Mrs. Kirstin Giese from Germany who helped Head Nepal especially with teaching the children in the hostel and some official works as well.

Our sincere gratitude goes to the company, Eschenvach Optik in Germany for providing us with visual aids for the children with visual impairment in our program!

We are very greatful to District Education Office Humla for supporting our children with scholarship. Thanks a lot to Mr. Kul Bahadur Phadera, the district education officer for his great support!

Our heartfelt gratitude to Shree Balmandir Secondary School for their kind cooperation in providing an inclusive educational environment for the children with visual impairment.

We would like to thank to Women and Children Office Humla for supporting us for Community Based Rehabilitation (CBR) program in the year 2013 and 2014.

Our heart felt thanks to Mok and Elisa from Centre for Community Cultural Development in Hong Kong, who organized a fund raising event in June 2013 for children with visual impairment in Head hostel.

Our special thank goes to Prof. Boguslaw Marek Ph.D. OBE, from The John Paul Catholic University of Lublin, Poland for the workshops that he facilatated and providing the materials to learn tactile graphics for learners with visual impairment in Head Vision Home.

We would like to express our graditute for Mr. Tomasz from Poland for filming the activities of Head Nepal in Feb 2014. Thank you so much for your support!

We won't forget all of organizations and friend's valuable support. If you also would like to be a part of this beautiful project in any way and make a different in the lives of people with disabilities? Please Contact us.

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